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Map Irish Design

21st December 2018
by 100 Archive Team

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We’ve had some questions from you about our open call for people to help us with ‘Map Irish Design’, our Creative Ireland funded research and communication project. If you’re interested in getting involved, read on, and remember that the deadline for applications is 10am on Monday 14 January...

Who decides the research focus and the ultimate outputs?
This will be decided by the project team and the 100 Archive steering committee together. We have a few things in mind we would like to see come out of the project (as per the brief), but are really interested to hear what you have in mind, what you think could be revealed through the project, and how best to communicate that both to our own community and to wider audiences.

Should I gather a team or apply by myself?
This is up to you. If you can assemble a team with the right skills and interests and you know you’ll work well together, you should do that. If you are flexible as to who fulfills the aspects of the project that you don’t, then apply solo. Just make sure that it’s clear in your application which role you’re fulfilling and your readiness to work with others.

Are new graduates welcome to submit applications?
Yes! If you have an interest and some relevant skills we'd love to hear from you.

Are all the available roles full-time or part-time?
The roles could be taken on either way, either throw yourself in full time for a shorter period or fit it in around other work for a bit longer. When applying it would be helpful to let us know how you'll be approaching it, timewise.

How will 100 Archive select those involved?
Following the deadline, the steering committee will take a look at all applications and shortlist a few teams and individuals to interview. Based on that we will either select a team or assemble one (and if that’s the case, check that those individuals are up for working together). We wish for work to begin on the project by early February.

What role does the steering committee play in the project?
The steering committee has set the brief according to our agreement with Creative Ireland, and would like to collaborate on how the project plays out: the focus of the research and the development of its outputs, ensuring the project results in useful insight, interesting stories and engaging outcomes. In practical terms, it is the 100 Archive steering committee which has signed a Service Level Agreement with Creative Ireland, and as such we are responsible for the successful delivery of the project and appropriate use of public funding. But we are really keen to ensure you bring your own interests, curiosities and ideas to the project and hope our role is more supportive than supervisory.

What role does Creative Ireland play in the project?
Creative Ireland doesn’t have a role in the day-to-day running of the project, but as its chief funder the 100 Archive is expected to report to them on the project and vouch our expenses for regular drawdown of the funding. Creative Ireland will also promote the project across its website, social media and press campaign. As such, we will keep in contact with them throughout the project to maximise on audience.

Creative Ireland has also offered us a mentor/critical friend, who will help us plan elements of the project over the course of 2019, but they are an independent contractor, not part of the core Creative Ireland team.

How often will I be expected to check-in with the steering committee about the project?
We expect to stay in regular contact about the project and, if possible, to meet every month or two. We are keen to contribute where possible and support you how we can.

When is the project to be completed?
We would like the project to be completed by September 2019, but there is a small amount of flexibility in this, if needed. For Creative Ireland, the project should be completed by end of November 2019 for final reporting and drawdown of funding.

Will the gathered statistics be published into a book or series of books?
We're not planning on physically publishing the findings as we don't (yet) have the resources to do so. Rather, the findings would be published online in the form of articles on the site, social media, and perhaps a microsite, if that’s what you propose…

How and when will I be paid?
We are flexible on this, but anticipate giving the team an initial payment for research on appointment, one for research, design and production mid-way through the work and a final payment for everything on completion.

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