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In The Making 19th November 2020

In The Making: Alex Synge
Alex Synge

Dublin-born designer Alex Synge (The First 47) produces thoughtful, message-driven work from his newfound home in Belfast. In this piece, he tells us how the rich visual culture of the 80s and 90s first introduced him to the world of design. And how …

In The Making 4th November 2020

In The Making: Tom Foley
Thomas Foley

Tom Foley of Monotype reflects on how some family influence and aspects of his character drew him towards a career in type design. Grateful for the luck and support he’s had, he also stresses his belief in taking opportunities &…

2nd November 2020

Belfast Design Week 2020
100 Archive Team

A special thank you to the organisers at Belfast Design Week for supplying us with their rundown of this year’s events. For some behind-the-scenes insights, please be sure to read the article by the festival’s Co-Founder Karishma Kusurkar …

27th October 2020

Eireann & I: Archiving Black Irish Experiences
Kate Stuart

To paraphrase Jamaican cultural theorist Stuart Hall, “We do not understand who we are until we tell our own stories to ourselves”. It is with this in mind that artists and activists Beulah Ezeugo and Joselle Ntumba began to develop…

In The Making 22nd October 2020

In The Making: Karishma Kusurkar
Karishma Kusurkar

Designer, podcaster and co-founder of Belfast Design Week are just a few of Karishma Kusurkar’s many hats. A range of experiences early on in her career and a willingness to step outside of her comfort zone have resulted in a truly …

Dialogues 9th October 2020

A Critical Conversation
Clare Bell

Dialogues is a series of articles capturing opinions, conversations and discourse relating to design theory and practice. In the second edition of this series, designers, long-time collaborators and friends Heather Griffin and Clare Bell explore and …

In The Making 7th October 2020

In The Making: Rachel Earley
Rachel Earley

Rachel Earley (Design Director at Fjord) started out in computer science before shifting her focus to design. Her career now fuses design with the crafting of emerging technologies to create user-centred solutions …

Viewpoints 2020 — Studio 24th September 2020

Viewpoints: Studio #3
Bob Gray

I am not a writer. I have no desire to be one. This is not a heavily researched or referenced article. This is a story. It is a short conversation about the idea of a studio, its purpose, how it lives and adapts. The conversation happened outside …

Viewpoints 2020 — Studio 23rd September 2020

Viewpoints: Studio #2
Chloe Brenan

Like many, over the past months I’ve been reflecting on the dominant myths around work, labour, and essential services. The conditions of lockdown for me have thrown into sharp relief the significance of artworks not as frivolous objects of privilege…

Viewpoints 2020 — Studio 22nd September 2020

Viewpoints: Studio #1
Mary A Fitzgerald

The idea of studio. When first invited to write a piece considering the idea of a ‘studio’, I can divide the piece into two distinct set of thoughts.  Before lockdown and the present, the new normal. Rewind to March 10th …

Events 21st September 2020

Design Leaders Conference 2020
100 Archive Team

The Design Leaders Conference 2020 goes virtual! But whatever the format, the event is intended to give those leading design teams and design studios the space to re-charge, share ideas, learn and reimagine the future. Presented by Design Skillnet…

In The Making 15th September 2020

In The Making: EimearJean McCormack
Eimearjean McCormack

With a background in Fine Art Printmaking, EimearJean’s design practice is very much rooted in process. The results are often multi-layered, highly saturated and driven by a curiosity of how the technical can reflect the conceptual. In …

Global Irish Design 7th September 2020

The State of Freelancing
Keelin Coyle

The working dynamic of a freelance designer is hard to define. It varies from temporary in-house support, to working after-hours, to operating as a one-person studio. Oscillating on the edge of ‘employee’ and ‘employer’, …

In The Making 2nd September 2020

In the Making: Deirdre Breen
Deirdre Breen

Collaboration, critical thinking and a willingness to pivot are all factors that fuel Deirdre Breen’s practice. The Cork-based designer and printmaker shares with us some of her experiences to date, the learnings she’s taken from them and some …

In The Making 18th August 2020

In the Making: David Lawler
David Lawler

In this edition of In The Making, we hear from London-based Designer and Programmer Dave Lawler (Research And Destroy). From his early interest in coding and a detour through Textile Design to the occasional trials of working on his&…

12th August 2020

Designers + Cultural Workers Union: Cultural Sector Timelapse
100 Archive Team

Did you know…? Thirty-nine percent of the work submitted to 100 Archive is commissioned by the cultural sector. Our community is reliant upon the health of that sector, ensuring that it is adequately funded, as well as effectively and …

In The Making 6th August 2020

In The Making: Karl Toomey
Karl Toomey

Karl Toomey is a multi-disciplinary designer on a many-pronged creative path. Recently he’s worked with clients such as Google Creative Labs, Shift and Japan Rail, while also maintaining a steady stream of side projects …

Monthly Picks 1st August 2020

Evan McGuinness' August Picks
100 Archive Team

Deviating slightly from the usual monthly picks offering, we called on our Oslo-based friend Evan McGuinness to put together a few things he’s been finding helpful in these strange and uncertain times. Given what has been happening in the world as of …

In The Making 24th July 2020

In The Making: Aoife O’Dwyer
Aoife ODwyer

Aoife O’Dwyer is Senior Visual Designer at Each&Other, curator of Glug Dublin and all-round “maker of awesome things”. In this ‘In The Making’, she tells us how lockdown affected her and her team and …

13th July 2020

100 is 10: an Archive Throwback
Lara Hanlon

In celebration of 100 Archive marking 10 years of Irish visual communication design, we invited a few good folks to select their favourite piece of work from the Archive and share why it resonates with them so much. With a decade of projects to choose from…

In The Making 8th July 2020

In the Making: Emma Conway
Emma Conway

We asked Emma Conway (Senior Designer at RichardsDee) to tell us about her career journey so far and what makes her tick as a designer. Emma’s areas of speciality lie within branding, typography and digital applications, and …

6th July 2020

The Last Picture Show?
Brian Byrne

It’s that time of year again, high summer—long lazy days, cheap plonk, and an online Degree Show! That’s right folks, what’s usually the highlight of every design students four-year stint, has been laid waste by the Covid-19 pandemic…

In The Making 23rd June 2020

In The Making: Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham

Design is an inherently human activity, and a designer's work is informed by the experiences, learnings, influences and associations they accumulate throughout their life. In this new series, we ask some of Ireland's top creatives to tell us what it…

18th June 2020

2020 Degree Shows
Rosanna Africa McGuirk

2020 is an unusual year. Creative institutions and their final year students are currently facing a unique challenge as the Coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on plans for degree shows. All physical shows have either been cancelled or postponed but in a …

In The Making 26th May 2020

In The Making: Ashwin Chacko
Ashwin Chacko

Design is an inherently human activity, and a designer's work is informed by the experiences, learnings, influences and associations they accumulate throughout their life. In this new series, we ask some of Ireland's top creatives to tell us what it…

Viewpoints 2020 24th May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #3
Noelle Cooper

I was initially unsure about sharing my opinion on a shorter working week because it is not something that we, as a studio, have considered implementing or even openly discussed. It feels all the more strange talking about it in the context of the uncertain…

Viewpoints 2020 23rd May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #2
Niall Shanahan

There is a widespread agreement that contemporary innovations and development in automation, computing, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) poses, at the very least, the possibility of disruption and changes in labour markets and employment. …

Viewpoints 2020 22nd May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #1
David Joyce

I’ve been working from my front room since the lockdown. I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home—many others don’t have that privilege—many don’t have work; many others don’t have a home. It was odd at first …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Language
Elaine McDevitt

We sat down in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios with David Joyce, founder of Language, and …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Deirdre Corcoran
Elaine McDevitt

We took a trip to Cork to visit Chapter. and sit down with the studio’s founder and creative director Deirdre Corcoran. We spoke…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Mel O'Rourke
Elaine McDevitt

We visited CI Studio in Herbert Mews to chat to founder and Creative Director Mel O’Rourke to find out more about design…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Coffee Culture
Aideen McCole

It’s far from flat whites that we were reared, yet looking around any town or city in Ireland you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. One in three Irish people now buys a coffee at least once a day, and this is a figure that seems to have been …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Architecture, Property and Construction
Aideen McCole

No industry has been as closely associated with Ireland’s boom and bust (and boom again) than construction. And while the …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Design Initiatives
Elaine McDevitt

How does the design profession portray itself and how is this manifested within the 100 Archive? The design industry has been working to communicate what it is and what it does for as long as it’s been designing. In Ireland, we have professional …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Decade of Centenaries
Elaine McDevitt

In January 2020, plans to commemorate the Royal Irish Constabulary, an armed police force that existed until 1922 under the authority of the British administration in Ireland met with so far unparalleled levels of public debate around the Decade of …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Elaine McDevitt

As a trend, a term, a movement, sustainability is fast becoming ubiquitous as we collectively examine our consumer choices and environmental impact. It’s therefore no surprise that we’ve seen it emerge within the 100 Archive in recent years …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Ann Mulrooney
Elaine McDevitt

Work for the cultural sector is a significant proportion of the projects submitted to the 100 Archive each year. In order to understand the impact design has within the cultural sector, we chatted to curator and cultural manager Ann Mulrooney about …

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