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In With The New #3 25th February 2020

In With The New: Cath Buckley
Cath Buckley

Next up in the series is Cath Buckley, a Carlow-native who graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2019 and is currently working as a junior designer in CI Studio, Dublin. “It feels surreal. I was only supposed to be here for one week'…

In With The New #3 18th February 2020

In With The New: Adrian de Juan
Adrian de Juan

Adrian de Juan studied Visual Communication in the Cork Institute of Technology, recently completed an internship with Imagist in London and currently resides in Cork, where he works as a freelance designer. “I was born and raised in the Philippines. …

12th February 2020

The 2020 creative festival (and other events) round up
Lara Hanlon

With the new year well underway, you might be wondering what events are worth adding to your calendar. Take a browse and chalk them down…   …

In With The New #3 11th February 2020

In With The New: Finán Callaghan
Finan Callaghan

Next up is Finán Callaghan who has a BA in Visual Communication from the Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT) and currently works in Custodian. “I was born in Liverpool. My mam and dad worked and studied over there. When I was three, …

6th February 2020

Upcoming DES events
Kate Stuart

Our partners Design Enterprise Skillnet will be hosting a range of events for 2020. Their aim is to help designers and design managers to acquire the tools and skills that will enable their businesses and careers to thrive. We will be partnering …

In With The New #3 4th February 2020

In With The New: Gabriela Nisizaki
Gabriela Nisizaki

Freelance graphic designer Gabriela Nisizaki has recently returned to Montevideo, Uruguay having completed an MA in Visual Communication at the Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT.) Gabriela intends to travel between Montevideo and …

Monthly Picks 31st January 2020

Greenhouse's February Picks
David Walsh

February's picks have been selected by the folks residing in Greenhouse, both in Dublin and in Cork. So you're covered no matter which capital you find yourself in... THINGS TO DO Chester Beaty Annual Lecture…

In With The New #3 28th January 2020

In With The New: Michael O'Riordan
Michael O Riordan

Michael O’Riordan currently lives with his fiancée Bernadette Moran in a renovated sweet shop in Clara, Co. Offaly, not far from where he grew up. It is here, surrounded by the beautiful boggy wilderness of the midlands that he works remotely …

In With The New #3 21st January 2020

In With The New: Isabelle McCarthy
Isabelle McCarthy

We chatted with Isabelle McCarthy who was born in Limerick to Irish/Egyptian parents, grew up in Cairo, Egypt and currently works for Zero-G in Dublin. Growing up Isabelle always had a strong passion for art and design, and knew it was something she…

In With The New #3 14th January 2020

In With The New: Emer Brennan
Emer Brennan

Next up is Dublin-born Emer Brennan who studied visual communication at IADT Dun Laoghaire and recently completed a masters in graphic design at the Glasgow School of Art. She is currently teaching art in a secondary school in Glasgow, facilitating a …

Monthly Picks 9th January 2020

Brennan & Steven's January Picks
Clare Brennan

It's January, but if you're fighting the urge to hibernate our friends at Brennan & Stevens have your back! They've compiled 15 things to read, watch see, visit and taste, especially is you fancy a jaunt around Wicklow or south Dublin, so …

In With The New #3 7th January 2020

In With The New: Luke Henebry
Luke Henebry

First up in this year’s In With The New series is Luke Henebry, a graphic designer and musician from Waterford who is just about to move to London to start an internship with MTV. Luke’s interest in graphic design all began when…

29th November 2019

TrueOutput's December Picks
John Gavin

For our December picks we head to the south east to soak up what little sunlight there is to be found on the island... TrueOutput: have put together their recommendations for things to see and do this month in their home patch of Waterford as well as …

7th November 2019

Bureau Bonanza's November Picks
Stina Sandström

This month's picks (the first in a while, we know...) come courtesy of Rachel and Stina at Bureau Bonanza. They're dreaming of summer holidays on these rainy days, but have mustered up some great things to see and do to keep them anchored here for …

Events 1st October 2019

Alphabet Streets: Graphic Design in the City
100 Archive Team

Open House Dublin, Ireland's largest architecture festival, returns from 11—13 October and once again the 100 Archive is taking part! We have teamed up with a number of designers and clients whose work features in our archives to take a look at …

26th September 2019

Design Practice in Ireland survey
100 Archive Team

Our friends at Design Enterprise Skillnet are undertaking some research and would like to hear from you! This is a 10 minute survey; shaping the training provided by Design Enterprise Skillnet going forward. Design Enterprise Skillnet is your personal …

13th September 2019

100 x Culture Night: Cork, Letterkenny and Wexford
100 Archive Team

Culture Night returns across Ireland on Friday 20 September and for the first time ever, the 100 Archive is participating. To make up for lost time we have teamed up with designers and cultural venues in not one, not two, but THREE locations across the…

15th August 2019

A Roadmap for the Creative Industries - Survey
100 Archive Team

The Government’s Creative Ireland Programme (which is funding the 100 Archive's Map Irish Design project) has committed to elevate Ireland's potential in the creative industries.  They are progressing this in tandem with the …

Monthly Picks 16th July 2019

Piquant's July Picks
Conor Buckley

This month's picks come from Limerick's finest, Piquant, and were compiled with a fair amount of contention and division. They got there in the end, though... EVENTS  …

Map Irish Design 13th June 2019

Women in design: a supporting role?
Elaine McDevitt

Map Irish Design researcher Elaine McDevitt recently presented at the National Museum of Ireland’s Women in Design conference on 25 May 2019 in Collins Barracks. Her paper took a look at women in design by analysingexisting figures in relation to …

Events 13th June 2019

The Future of Design: Launch Breakfast
100 Archive Team

Join Design Enterprise Skillnet for breakfast on Friday 21 June for a panel discussion about The Future of Design and the leadership capabilities our industry needs to begin developing now. The event will also launch  DES's …

Monthly Picks 7th June 2019

Nugno's June Picks
Luca Amoriello

From 2 Italians living in Dublin these are our recommendations for June 2019 :) PODCASTS Behance: Adobe live Adobe Live is where you can tune in to get all your creative …

Map Irish Design 6th June 2019

Survey 01. When and Where
Aideen McCole

While the Map Irish Design team (plus a merry band of volunteers!) dig through data from the 2300+ projects we have on the site, we would also like you to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge of design, who makes it, where they are and for whom they&#…

Map Irish Design 30th May 2019

Charting the Uncharted
Elaine McDevitt

Those of you who have followed the call out and announcements in relation to Map Irish Design will undoubtedly be interested in how things are progressing. You’ll also be aware of the premise of the project: Since our foundation, it has …

Map Irish Design 20th May 2019

May progress...
Aideen McCole

With a crack team assembled, work has kicked off on our Creative Ireland-funded research and communication project, Map Irish Design. James has pulled all of the data from the site (that’s data from 1000+ users and almost 3000 project submissions…

Events 9th May 2019

2019 Degree Shows
Aislinn Purcell

Degree show season is already upon us again! Keeping up our tradition, we've started putting a list together of as many upcoming graduate shows from various institutions across the country. As always we will continue to add to this list in the …

Designer as Collaborator 9th May 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson

To round out our Designer as Collaborator series, we speak with photographer Matthew Thompson. As a formally trained designer, Matthew continues to collaborate with and involve design in his projects and …

Monthly Picks 3rd May 2019

Pixelpod's May Picks
Yvonne Rath

Hailing from Wexford, the folks over at Pixelpod give us their reccomendations of the top things to do this May. Now that we're on the brink of summer, we'll definitely be making a trip to check out these local reccomendations! …

Designer as Collaborator 2nd May 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Grace Hughes
Grace Hughes

Third in our Designer as Collaborator series, we chat to Grace Hughes – Senior Content Designer for Fjord at The Dock, Accenture’s R&D hub in Dublin. As Grace puts it, her work unfolds …

Designer as Collaborator 25th April 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Simon Finney
Simon Finney

Next up in on our Designer as Collaborator series, Simon Finney gives us an insight into front end development and UX design at IBM. Based at IBM Studios Dublin, Simon is the front end development practice lead for …

Designer as Collaborator 18th April 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Stephen McCarthy
Stephen McCarthy

To kick off 100 Archive’s latest series Designer as Collaborator, Stephen McCarthy gives us a glimpse of design life at Government Digital …

In With the New #2 15th April 2019

In With The New: Amy McMahon
Amy McMahon

Our final interview of the series is with Amy McMahon, a Co. Clare native who studied visual communication in the Limerick School of Art & Design. Since graduating in 2015 she has worked in a number of different design agencies, in Dublin, Cork and New …

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