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Events 15th October 2018

100 x Fuse:d
100 Archive Team

We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in 'Good Design is Good Business', an upcoming event in Wexford run by Fuse:d. Fuse:d is a voluntary, not for profit, design and business network based in the South East. They raise …

Events 8th October 2018

Alphabet Streets: Graphic Design in the Docklands
100 Archive Team

Open House Dublin, Ireland's largest architecture festival, returns from 12—14 October and once again the 100 Archive is taking part! We have teamed up with a number of designers and clients whose …

Monthly Picks 4th October 2018

Hurrah Hurrah's October picks
Robin Foley

Lots happening in Cork in October. As well as the Cork Jazz Festival and Folk, below are the good folks at Hurrah Hurrah's picks for the month: Alice Maher - …

Monthly Picks 12th September 2018

Unthink's September picks
Noelle Cooper

Back to school time always seems to herald a HEAP of things to see and do. As such, the good folks at Unthink have rounded up a veritable tonne of recommendations for you to get through this month. Let's get going... EXHIBITIONS…

Beyond the Pale 7th September 2018

Liveable Limerick
Conor Buckley

‘The idea of setting up a studio began in Dublin 5 years ago, however we moved to Limerick to realise the plan. Limerick is an affordable place to be, so in the early days we could take more risks, take on the kind of work we wanted to do and turn …

Beyond the Pale 27th August 2018

Beyond the Border
Alex Synge

‘What made me decide to set up shop in Belfast? Love! My wife is from Antrim. We met in college in Dublin, but only started going out a decade later. We did the long distance thing for a few years, but after a while, it felt like a logical next step …

Beyond the Pale 20th August 2018

It's Always Sunny...
Brian Byrne

‘When I graduated from Waterford IT in 1999 I wanted to travel. Like so many others, I went to South East Asia and on to Australia. I picked up my first ‘design’ job in Sydney. The newspaper ad stated that a ‘City Centre Agency&rsquo…

Beyond the Pale 10th August 2018

Free Range at Design Farm
Maria ORourke

‘I feel strongly that workplaces need to offer more flexibility; working to the beat of the 9-to-5 clock isn’t always conducive to being creative. We need to be more imaginative and allow people to work where they are most productive, be that …

Events 7th August 2018

Save As: creating and preserving Irish digital design
100 Archive Team

How do we preserve digital-born content — websites, apps, software and systems — when our means of making, using and saving them change so quickly? How will we look back on the digital products and experiences of the early 21st century, and what…

Monthly Picks 3rd August 2018

ODDesign's August picks
Daniel ODonoghue

Situated in the North West but with an eye on (seemingly) everything happening everywhere, ODDesign provides the picks for August. For things to listen to, visit, enjoy and discover all over Ireland and beyond, read on... FESTIVALS…

Beyond the Pale 1st August 2018

Loving Laois
Gillian Reidy

Though she was born and trained in Dublin, when Gill Reidy fell for a farmer, she moved to Laois in 1999, and now runs her studio, Penhouse, from a set of converted stone farm buildings near Stradbally. While working …

Beyond the Pale 25th July 2018

Graphics in Galway
Niall Warde

Niall Warde is a freelance designer who is from Galway, living in Galway and quick to tell you what’s what in Galway. ‘We have the arts festival every year, the Film Fleadh, the Jazz Festival and almost every kind of festival or event imaginable…

Beyond the Pale 23rd July 2018

Designing in Donegal
Daniel ODonoghue

‘When initially considering a complete relocation from the metropolis that is London to the north west of Ireland we had many reservations: will we be out of sight and out of mind? Will our London clients come with us? Are we too far away from Dublin…

Beyond the Pale 20th July 2018

Way Out West
Cillian Ó Mongáin

‘When I moved here first I worked with a 56kb dial-up modem. I used to burn my work to CDs and give them to the CIE bus driver who would give it to a courier in Dublin. But it worked!’ Cillian Ó Mong&…

Beyond the Pale 18th July 2018

The Bammedia Balance
Bridget Kerrigan

‘I’m a Galway native, but studied design in Letterkenny, Donegal. My career started working in a printing firm in Galway and from there I moved to Dublin where I worked in many printers, publishing houses and design studios before moving to …

Beyond the Pale 16th July 2018

Hurrah Hurrah for Cork
Robin Foley

Our new Beyond the Pale series aims to shed light on design practice outside Dublin and get under the skin of the many design communities we have around Ireland. First up is a chat with Hurrah Hurrah, a …

Events 13th July 2018

Design in Business @ STEAMWORKS
100 Archive Team

If you're in the south east and fancy some design chats, Boxworks co-working space in Waterford City, in partnership with fuse:d, hosts an event focussed on design in business on Thursday 19 July. 'Design in Business @STEAMWORKS' takes a …

Monthly Picks 10th July 2018

Red&Grey's July picks
Deirdre Rawle

When we asked Red&Grey for recommendations for things to do in July, they suggested 'ice cream, short shorts and a bag of cans'. The tips didn't really need any improving, but nevertheless they came back with a host of other things in case …

Monthly Picks 8th June 2018

Chapter's June picks
Deirdre Corcoran

This month's picks focus in on the second city, thanks to a ream of recommendations from Cork's own Chapter. Chapter submitted work to the 100 Archive for the first time last year and have already managed two selections in the 2017 Archive! They …

4th June 2018

Passing on the Baton
Kasia Ozmin

And so my life as a panellist ends. 2017 was my third and final year serving on the selectors’ panel of the 100 Archive. It’s been a pleasure and an education to be part of this ongoing project, thanks to everyone who works hard to help this …

1st June 2018

The View from the Professional Panel
John Gavin

A little time may have passed since we launched the 2017 100 Archive selection, but it's never too late to reflect on what's in there and how it got selected. We spoke with …

Monthly Picks 11th May 2018

Design Factory's May picks
Conor Clarke

This month's picks come courtesy of Design Factory, where the team has found 55 things for you to visit, see, do, read, watch and listen to and one big fat reminder for you to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! on Friday 25 May. Let's get listing... …

Events 27th April 2018

2018 Degree Shows
Aideen McCole

Degree show season is just around the corner (in fact, if you're in Clare you can catch the last day of the Burren School of Art show today...), so we've begun compiling details on as many showcases from every creative discipline we can think of in …

23rd April 2018

Graphic Designer 2.0
Aideen McCole

As a Studio Principal at Atelier, a design advocate with AGI and the 100 Archive and Head of the Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technology at IADT Dún Laoghaire, David Smith has plenty of reasons to contemplate how graphic and communication …

19th April 2018

Design Thinking for Designers
Hilary Kenna

Following on from last week's Viewpoints series where Lara Hanlon, James Delaney and Mel O'Rourke each answered the question, 'So what is design thinking, anyway?', we thought a more in-depth look at design thinking, its origins  …

Viewpoints 13th April 2018

Viewpoints: Mel O'Rourke
Mel ORourke

This season's Viewpoints has been taking a look at design thinking and asking what it is, who it's for and whether it's doing any good or not. First up was design thinking advocate and IBMer …

Viewpoints 11th April 2018

Viewpoints: James Delaney
James Delaney

Next up to consider design thinking is James Delaney. James designs and builds stuff for the internet (including aspects of this site), as well as making forays into the worlds of critical speculative design and design research. Following on from his …

Viewpoints 9th April 2018

Viewpoints: Lara Hanlon
Lara Hanlon

Fresh from three days of discussion at OFFSET, we have another topic to illicit viewpoints on here at the 100: what is design thinking, who is it for and is it any use? What some say designers have been doing since the industry began, others herald as a new…

Monthly Picks 6th April 2018

Grandson's April Picks
Killian Walsh

This month's cultural picks come courtesy of Dundalk's finest, Grandson. Killian and Jake have combed through events, exhibitions, tunes and more so that as the evenings get longer…

Events 15th March 2018

100 x OFFSET2018
100 Archive Team

OFFSET2018 ​Friday 23-Sunday 25 March Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 Tickets here We are delighted to contribute …

Monthly Picks 13th March 2018

aad's March picks
Scott Burnett

This month aad are [slow] out of the blocks to share some of the things they’re excited to Do, See, Hear and generally waste time on this month.    EVENTS …

8th March 2018

The Stage is Set
Bren Byrne

When we launched OFFSET in 2009 the design landscape was very different. Of course there was great work being made and each discipline had proactive groups and individuals involved but there was a lack of cohesion between the different communities. Like …

7th March 2018

School's in for summer: Design West
Conor Clarke

The idea for an international design summer school started forming during my time as Acting Head of Visual Communication at NCAD. I was always interested in taking design education beyond the college walls and connecting with the wider design community. We …

5th March 2018

Avoiding avoiding the issue
Robin Fuller

Writing on graphic design has a history of avoiding discussion of form. ‘We know no formal problems … Form is not the goal but the result of our work’, wrote the architect Mies van der Rohe in 1923. Yet nonetheless, for graphic designers …

Events 26th February 2018

2017 100 Archive Launch
100 Archive Team

We are delighted to announce that we will launch the 2017 100 Archive as part of this year's OFFSITE on Thursday 22 March! With the help of the OFFSET team we will raise a glass to the designers, studios, clients and commissioners who have made it into …

16th February 2018

Consult and Collaborate: Next Steps
100 Archive Team

On 25 January we packed a room with more than 40 people at the Irish Architectural Archive for a consultation event designed to consider what the 100 Archive is, where it’s headed and how it should get there. Here’s a summary of the conversation…

9th February 2018

Here we go again: deadline 28.02.18
100 Archive Team

While of course it’s possible to submit your work to the 100 Archive all year round, you’ve all waited until now because if there’s one thing graphic designers love more than a discount on Creative Cloud it’s a deadline. So here we …

Monthly Picks 1st February 2018

CI Studio's February Picks
Mel ORourke

Now that we've all had a month to hibernate it's high time we start getting out and about again, right? With this in mind we at CI Studio have compiled what we're looking forward to seeing and doing this month, along with sharing what …

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