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4th June 2018

Passing on the Baton
Kasia Ozmin

And so my life as a panellist ends. 2017 was my third and final year serving on the selectors’ panel of the 100 Archive. It’s been a pleasure and an education to be part of this ongoing project, thanks to everyone who works hard to help this …

1st June 2018

The View from the Professional Panel
John Gavin

A little time may have passed since we launched the 2017 100 Archive selection, but it's never too late to reflect on what's in there and how it got selected. We spoke with …

News 25th May 2018

100 x Data
100 Archive Team

Well here we are, the day we've been waiting for (for more reasons than one...): it's now Friday 25 May, aka the deadline for compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. Here at the 100 Archive we have made a few tweaks and have…

News 11th May 2018

Design Factory's May picks
Conor Clarke

This month's picks come courtesy of Design Factory, where the team has found 55 things for you to visit, see, do, read, watch and listen to and one big fat reminder for you to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! on Friday 25 May. Let's get listing... …

Events 27th April 2018

2018 Degree Shows
Aideen McCole

Degree show season is just around the corner (in fact, if you're in Clare you can catch the last day of the Burren School of Art show today...), so we've begun compiling details on as many showcases from every creative discipline we can think of in …

Events 23rd April 2018

Graphic Designer 2.0
Aideen McCole

As a Studio Principal at Atelier, a design advocate with AGI and the 100 Archive and Head of the Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technology at IADT Dún Laoghaire, David Smith has plenty of reasons to contemplate how graphic and communication …

Events 19th April 2018

Design Thinking for Designers
Hilary Kenna

Following on from last week's Viewpoints series where Lara Hanlon, James Delaney and Mel O'Rourke each answered the question, 'So what is design thinking, anyway?', we thought a more in-depth look at design thinking, its origins  …

Viewpoints 13th April 2018

Viewpoints: Mel O'Rourke
Mel ORourke

This season's Viewpoints has been taking a look at design thinking and asking what it is, who it's for and whether it's doing any good or not. First up was design thinking advocate and IBMer …

Viewpoints 11th April 2018

Viewpoints: James Delaney
James Delaney

Next up to consider design thinking is James Delaney. James designs and builds stuff for the internet (including aspects of this site), as well as making forays into the worlds of critical speculative design and design research. Following on from his …

Viewpoints 9th April 2018

Viewpoints: Lara Hanlon
Lara Hanlon

Fresh from three days of discussion at OFFSET, we have another topic to illicit viewpoints on here at the 100: what is design thinking, who is it for and is it any use? What some say designers have been doing since the industry began, others herald as a new…

Viewpoints 6th April 2018

Grandson's April Picks
Killian Walsh

This month's cultural picks come courtesy of Dundalk's finest, Grandson. Killian and Jake have combed through events, exhibitions, tunes and more so that as the evenings get longer…

Events 15th March 2018

100 x OFFSET2018
100 Archive Team

OFFSET2018 ​Friday 23-Sunday 25 March Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 Tickets here We are delighted to contribute …

Events 13th March 2018

aad's March picks
Scott Burnett

This month aad are [slow] out of the blocks to share some of the things they’re excited to Do, See, Hear and generally waste time on this month.    EVENTS …

Events 8th March 2018

The Stage is Set
Bren Byrne

When we launched OFFSET in 2009 the design landscape was very different. Of course there was great work being made and each discipline had proactive groups and individuals involved but there was a lack of cohesion between the different communities. Like …

Events 7th March 2018

School's in for summer: Design West
Conor Clarke

The idea for an international design summer school started forming during my time as Acting Head of Visual Communication at NCAD. I was always interested in taking design education beyond the college walls and connecting with the wider design community. We …

Events 5th March 2018

Avoiding avoiding the issue
Robin Fuller

Writing on graphic design has a history of avoiding discussion of form. ‘We know no formal problems … Form is not the goal but the result of our work’, wrote the architect Mies van der Rohe in 1923. Yet nonetheless, for graphic designers …

Events 26th February 2018

2017 100 Archive Launch
100 Archive Team

We are delighted to announce that we will launch the 2017 100 Archive as part of this year's OFFSITE on Thursday 22 March! With the help of the OFFSET team we will raise a glass to the designers, studios, clients and commissioners who have made it into …

Events 16th February 2018

Consult and Collaborate: Next Steps
100 Archive Team

On 25 January we packed a room with more than 40 people at the Irish Architectural Archive for a consultation event designed to consider what the 100 Archive is, where it’s headed and how it should get there. Here’s a summary of the conversation…

Events 9th February 2018

Here we go again: deadline 28.02.18
100 Archive Team

While of course it’s possible to submit your work to the 100 Archive all year round, you’ve all waited until now because if there’s one thing graphic designers love more than a discount on Creative Cloud it’s a deadline. So here we …

Events 1st February 2018

CI Studio's February Picks
Mel ORourke

Now that we've all had a month to hibernate it's high time we start getting out and about again, right? With this in mind we at CI Studio have compiled what we're looking forward to seeing and doing this month, along with sharing what …

News 25th January 2018

100 × NLI
100 Archive Team

We are delighted to announce that in 2018 we begin a partnership with the National Library of Ireland to begin to digitally preserve websites selected by the 100 Archive through the NLI's Web Archive…

News 12th January 2018

Consult and Collaborate: 25 January
100 Archive Team

Thursday 25 January, 6-8pm Irish Architectural Archive, 45 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 RSVP (spaces are limited) 2018 …

The Personality of Irish Design 11th January 2018

Benjamin Messingschlager
Paul Woods

In 2015, while studying at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, German designer Benjamin Messingschlager came to Dublin to meet with and interview a host of Irish designers in order to …

The Personality of Irish Design 10th January 2018

Cian McKenna
Cian McKenna

Cian McKenna is a freelance motion designer and art director hailing from the Visual Communications BA in DIT. After interning in the 3x3 programme Cian worked in a number of Irish design …

The Personality of Irish Design 9th January 2018

Sharon Walsh
Paul Woods

Up next is Sharon Walsh, a designer from Dublin who has been working in an array of studios - in an array of countries - since she graduated from IADT in 2012. She has worked on a host of different…

The Personality of Irish Design 8th January 2018

Aoife Dooley
Paul Woods

First up answering Paul's questions on the personality of Irish design is Aoife Dooley. Aoife is an illustrator, author and comedian who hails from the Northside. She studied at Coláiste…

Record 21st December 2017

Eamon Spelman

Most design agencies are formed through a college friendship or working relationship but, for Charlie O’Neill and Jole Bortoli, it was encountering each other's posters on the streets of Dublin that gave them the idea to join forces and …

Record 14th December 2017

Postcards from the Future: Social Dreaming
Brenda Dermody

Billed as an exciting and immersive festival of ideas, attitudes and innovations the Future offered four strands of presentations and discussions covering a range of fluid and overlapping themes including; analogue entrepreneurs, new opportunists, future …

Record 13th December 2017

Consult and Collaborate
100 Archive Team

A couple of weeks ago we were in touch about 2018 plans for the 100 Archive. These included some outline information on staff, new funding streams and partnerships. We got some really useful initial feedback and feel it's worth discussing some of these …

Postcards from the future 8th December 2017

Postcards from the future: Life & Surprise
Shane Delahunty

The Future & the Meaning of Life. Two things that people are afraid of, yet can talk shite about considerably as if they have a clue. Try as we might, no matter how much we talk ourselves into believing it, the future is just not as clear as we can all …

Postcards from the future 6th December 2017

Postcards from the future: Possible paths
Catherine Robertson

I very consciously went into The Future seeking something outside of my own immediate sphere of interests. What exactly this was going to be, I didn’t really know – but I decided to embrace the theme and sought out speakers that I hoped would …

Postcards from the future 4th December 2017

Postcards from the future: The art of talking to strangers
Simon Sweeney

If any of you spoke to me at any point over the weekend that contained The Future you probably heard me go on about any and or all the points below so feel free to close this tab and read the other more interesting …

Postcards from the future 1st December 2017

Postcards from the future: Find new ways forward
Lara Hanlon

Growing up, I only ever thought about the future in terms of technological advances, science fiction, utopian and dystopian worlds. It all seemed so far away and out of my control. Today when I think about the future, my hopes and fears lie with …

Postcards from the future 29th November 2017

Postcards from the future: Democratise the debate
Anusia Grennell

The future (with a little ‘f’) is unknown and therefore nothing can be posited for certain. With that in mind, the role of a conference thus titled is to facilitate speculation and debate. This highly-anticipated addition to the …

Postcards from the future 27th November 2017

Postcards from the future: Known Unknowns
Marcus Swan

On the 3rd and 4th of November we made our way to the RDS and immersed ourselves in the future – a head-spinning, brain-popping, back-aching new festival that we were happy to be part of. As it was the …

Postcards from the future 24th November 2017

The Times They Are A-Changin'
100 Archive Team

Amid leading tours at Open House Dublin, hosting discussions at The Future, speaking at international events and continuing to share interviews and insights with the Irish design community here on the site, we have been hard at work behind the scenes to …

Postcards from the future 22nd November 2017

People of Pentagram: Ken Deegan and Jack Collins
Aideen McCole

Earlier this week we spoke to Rory Simms, Associate Partner at Pentagram and Paula Scher's right-hand man. Now we take a …

Postcards from the future 20th November 2017

People of Pentagram: Rory Simms
Aideen McCole

As exciting as it is to see such a huge amount of project submissions entered to the 100 Archive from around Ireland each year, it's also a testament to the talent and hard work of many Irish designers that a significant amount of work comes from …

Events 1st November 2017

100 x The Future
Aideen McCole

The Future is nearly here... Here at the 100 Archive we're looking forward to finding out what a new event for Dublin could hold, but not content with merely turning up and taking it in, we've planned TWO great …

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