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Postcards from the future 4th December 2017

Postcards from the future: The art of talking to strangers
Simon Sweeney

If any of you spoke to me at any point over the weekend that contained The Future you probably heard me go on about any and or all the points below so feel free to close this tab and read the other more interesting …

Postcards from the future 1st December 2017

Postcards from the future: Find new ways forward
Lara Hanlon

Growing up, I only ever thought about the future in terms of technological advances, science fiction, utopian and dystopian worlds. It all seemed so far away and out of my control. Today when I think about the future, my hopes and fears lie with …

Postcards from the future 29th November 2017

Postcards from the future: Democratise the debate
Anusia Grennell

The future (with a little ‘f’) is unknown and therefore nothing can be posited for certain. With that in mind, the role of a conference thus titled is to facilitate speculation and debate. This highly-anticipated addition to the …

Postcards from the future 27th November 2017

Postcards from the future: Known Unknowns
Marcus Swan

On the 3rd and 4th of November we made our way to the RDS and immersed ourselves in the future – a head-spinning, brain-popping, back-aching new festival that we were happy to be part of. As it was the …

24th November 2017

The Times They Are A-Changin'
100 Archive Team

Amid leading tours at Open House Dublin, hosting discussions at The Future, speaking at international events and continuing to share interviews and insights with the Irish design community here on the site, we have been hard at work behind the scenes to …

22nd November 2017

People of Pentagram: Ken Deegan and Jack Collins
Aideen McCole

Earlier this week we spoke to Rory Simms, Associate Partner at Pentagram and Paula Scher's right-hand man. Now we take a …

20th November 2017

People of Pentagram: Rory Simms
Aideen McCole

As exciting as it is to see such a huge amount of project submissions entered to the 100 Archive from around Ireland each year, it's also a testament to the talent and hard work of many Irish designers that a significant amount of work comes from …

Events 1st November 2017

100 x The Future
Aideen McCole

The Future is nearly here... Here at the 100 Archive we're looking forward to finding out what a new event for Dublin could hold, but not content with merely turning up and taking it in, we've planned TWO great …

30th October 2017

The Future Fringe
Aideen McCole

While Dublin becomes home to The Future, a brand new large-scale conference, The Future Fringe offers small-scale, discursive and free alternatives. Head to the Tara Building on 1 November for a hands-on workshop introducing students and practitioners of …

20th October 2017

ICADemy - Type
100 Archive Team

ICADemy is a new professional development initiative from ICAD. The events will combine theory and practice with a focus on getting …

5th October 2017

Visit the Future
100 Archive Team

We’re delighted to be partnering with theFuture, a new event setting out to explore the innovative thinking and doing that is changing the way we live and work. With a serious line up of international industry …

Events 29th September 2017

100 x Mostro Design Camp Milano
Aideen McCole

From 6-12 October a brand new design event comes to Milan. Mostro Graphic Design Camp presents contemporary graphic arts and visual communication from around Europe through presentations, discussions and exhibitions …

Events 12th September 2017

Alphabet Streets: Graphic Design in the City
Aideen McCole

This October sees the return of Open House Dublin, Ireland's largest architecture festival, and this year we at the 100 Archive are taking part! We have teamed up with a number of designers and …

Events 11th September 2017

Above the Fold Art & Design Table Quiz
Aideen McCole

To fund its upcoming Culture Night event at the Tara Building, Above the Fold is hosting an Art & Design …

Viewpoints 4th August 2017

Viewpoints: Jane Gleeson
Jane Gleeson

So far we have had two interesting perspectives on how to bring about gender equality in design. First off, Kim Mackenzie-Doyle introduced some of the work she is undertaking at …

Viewpoints 3rd August 2017

Viewpoints: Tadhg Murray
Tadhg Murray

Yesterday we heard from Kim Mackenzie-Doyle about her plans to tackle gender inequality through her IDI Presidency. Next we hear from someone at the other end of the scale, recent NCAD Visual Communication graduate Tadhg Murray. In his final year of …

Viewpoints 2nd August 2017

Viewpoints: Kim Mackenzie-Doyle
Kim Mackenzie-Doyle

It is safe to say that in recent years we have seen a significant resurgance in support for women's rights and gender equality. A sense of 'enough is enough' has led to movements such as #…

31st July 2017

Love Me Tender: is the tender system stacked against Irish design?
Marcus Swan

With another design job for an Irish national institution created by a non-Irish studio, is it time to look at the tender process and how Irish design approaches and engages with it? When it comes to design on an international …

10th July 2017

We are at Sea
Kate Brangan

First published in the American Neptune in April 1944, the essay ‘Fluid Geography’ was written by design maverick, visionary and activist, Richard Buckminster Fuller. In Fluid Geography, Fuller discussed, among other things, the generic …

Record 5th July 2017

Tony O'Hanlon - Part Two
Eamon Spelman

In the second of two articles (read part one here), Eamon Spelman speaks to Tony O'Hanlon about the opportunities and challenges working for the European Design Group (Digital), his …

Record 22nd June 2017

Tony O'Hanlon - Part One
Eamon Spelman

There are few Irish designers who have had as deep and lasting an impact on the Irish graphic design landscape as Tony O’Hanlon, a designer whose influence and esteem goes far beyond these shores. In the first of a two part piece, he talks to …

Events 15th May 2017

Back to the Future: the 2016 100 Archive launch
Aideen McCole

Drumroll, please: the 2016 Archive is ready to be announced! After much deliberation of the 350+ submissions we received this year, the panel has whittled it down to 100 great pieces of Irish graphic design. To mark the occasion, fill you guys in on what&#…

Events 24th April 2017

Irish Degree Shows 2017
Aideen McCole

Here we go, it's 2017 degree show season! We've begun compiling dates and details for all art, design, fashion and architecture shows we can find all over the island of Ireland to help you see the best new work from young Irish creatives. …

20th April 2017

In-house Insight
Amy West

Amy West graduated from Visual Communication Design in IADT in 2013 and spent three years working as part of the design team for the Web Summit, which she spoke to us about here before…

Viewpoints 13th April 2017

Viewpoints: Simon Sweeney
Simon Sweeney

This time round we've been gathering some viewpoints about the dreaded world of design criticism. First up, Jarrett Fuller called for a wide range of voices to contribute to a …

Viewpoints 12th April 2017

Viewpoints: Anna Kealey
Anna Kealey

This time round Viewpoints has taken a look at design criticism, with designer, writer and host of Scratching the Surface Jarrett Fuller advocating for a broad range of voices to …

Viewpoints 11th April 2017

Viewpoints: Jarrett Fuller
Jarrett Fuller

So far Viewpoints has offered up opinions on how design is or should be represented by professional organisations and whether design awards are effective in their aims. This time we've asked for thoughts on the C-word: criticism. Here in Ireland we don…

Events 6th April 2017

Socialise: The Happy Film
Aideen McCole

'Working on The Happy Film made me profoundly unhappy.' So says Stefan Sagmeister of the project that went from being an 18 month film experiment into an 84 month ordeal. The starting point for the film was the question of whether…

In With the New 5th April 2017

In With the New: Amy O'Donnell
Amy ODonnell

Over the past two months we've spoken to a host of the 100's younger and newer members about their studies, their careers, their insights and obsessions. In With the New has been a really enjoyable series for us to put together, not least because it…

In With the New 3rd April 2017

In With the New: Mike Simpson
Mike Simpson

'My first interest in design came from the hip-hop culture in New York, mostly things like the graffiti and the old advertisements on the subways. I was taken aback by how people were using these letterforms, completely taking them apart and re- …

In With the New 28th March 2017

In With the New: Kate Brangan
Kate Brangan

'I was working in an agency in London and we were involved with a lot of projects in Ireland, which meant I was very aware of a lot of exciting things developing here. This constant focus on Ireland only emphasised how much I wanted to be in Ireland …

In With the New 20th March 2017

In With the New: Jordan Huysmans
Jordan Huysmans

'2016 was a tumultuous year that shifted world politics in a direction I don’t think many people expected. It was interesting to see the emerging work in response to this fear and uncertainty, and to see creatives of all disciplines come together …

In With the New 14th March 2017

In With the New: Keelin Coyle
Keelin Coyle

Some time spent living and working in Amsterdam and New York has provided plenty of great experience and inspiration for NCAD graduate Keelin Coyle, but it wasn't too long before home was calling... 'I am a total home bird, and I truly think Dublin …

In With the New 9th March 2017

In With the New: Steve O'Connell
Steve O Connell

'Living in London, I think I became over-saturated with cool graphic design – flyers adorned with experimental typography and bookshops packed with beautifully designed zines from indie publishers are everywhere. At first, it was amazing and I …

In With the New 6th March 2017

In With the New: Oscar Torrans
Oscar Torrans

'The most important thing I've learned so far? Being open and abandoning the word "should". After leaving college I had a more modernist approach and felt things "should" look a certain way or boxes need to ticked in order for it to be "good",but if…

In With the New 2nd March 2017

In With the New: Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy

Some time spent travelling after completing her studies at DIT has helped Sarah McCoy figures some things out. And what are those? 'That Dublin has such an exciting emerging design industry and I want to be here and be part of that. However, I think it&…

In With the New 28th February 2017

In With the New: Evan McGuinness
Evan McGuinness

 ‘I always had a desire to work in a different culture for both the professional and personal experience. I was drawn to Oslo for many reasons: after researching the other Scandinavian countries I felt Oslo had the most exciting and relatively …

Viewpoints 23rd February 2017

Viewpoints: Oran Day
Oran Day

In our latest series of Viewpoints, we've been asking people about design awards. First up, architect and IDI president George Boyle discussed the variety of criteria that …

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