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In With the New 31st January 2017

In With the New: brennan & stevens
Freddie Stevens

'Despite the fact that we both love to travel we knew that if we were to set up a studio of our own we wanted it to be in Ireland. From our time freelancing we had built up a good client base that we would continue working with once we had set up on our…

In With the New 26th January 2017

In With the New: Bridget Butler
Bridget Butler

Up next in our new series of posts looking at the work of some of the younger and emerging members of the 100 is Bridget Butler. Bridget grew up in Wexford, studied in Limerick, spent a year working in Germany with …

In With the New 24th January 2017

In With the New: Studio Nugno
Eleonora Bigi

First up in our series of interviews with some of the Archive's younger and newer members is Studio Nugno. Eleonora and Luca both grew up in the north east of Italy but have made Dublin their home, and alongside …

News 23rd December 2016

Everybody loves a deadline — 31.01.17
Brian Nolan

As we are counting down to 2017 take a little time to look back at 2016 and think about what work you will submit to the 100 Archive. As ever you can submit work at any time and all projects that have made it onto the site in 2016 are automatically reviewed…

Viewpoints 22nd December 2016

Representing Design
Nathalie Weadick

For our first series of Viewpoints we've asked a number of people to consider how design in represented in Ireland. First up we had thoughts from Kathryn Wilson, creative director…

Viewpoints 19th December 2016

Representing Design
Scott Burnett

Here at the 100 we're interested in looking at issues facing the design community from a number of angles. Right now we're taking a look at how and why the design industry is represented. First up, …

Viewpoints 15th December 2016

Representing Design
Kathryn Wilson

Here at the 100 we're interested in opinions, and not just our own. There are a great many issues, challenges and opportunities facing design in Ireland and Irish designers at home and around the world, and we want to hear and share more about them. One…

News 1st December 2016

100 Archive Industry Survey
100 Archive Team

Who, Why, How much... For some time now it has become clear that the borders are blurring. Visual communications had a relatively clear set or parameters and it was easy to define.  Design is now seen as an asset that …

News 18th November 2016

The greatest brand identity of the 21st Century
Scott Burnett

As graphic designers we’re taught that the fundamentals of brand identity are logos, colour palettes, graphic systems and guidelines. As we learn more about it we covet images of bold and simple graphic icons painted 8ft high on the side of a …

News 2nd November 2016

Illustration Chronicles
Aideen McCole

A surprising lack of historical information or critical reflection on his discipline prompted Irish illustrator and writer Philip Kennedy to take matters into his own hands. The result? …

News 17th October 2016

12 things to know before judging design work
100 Archive Team

We stumbled across this post on design criticism from Chris O'Sullivan on Medium, and felt it was something that would be good to share …

News 14th October 2016

Johnny Kelly and Apple
Aideen McCole

Irish-born, London-based animator and director Johnny Kelly has racked up an impressive amount of commissions and collaborators, including Adobe, BMW, the International Olympic Committee and Vitra, while his two-minute …

News 28th September 2016

2016 deadline: you heard it here first…
Aideen McCole

Here at the 100 we’re plotting and planning next year’s activities with such excitement that we thought we would take the time to remind you of next year’s first and arguably most important event: submission for the 2016 archive selection…

News 6th September 2016

Fiona O'Leary – Design Products
Fiona OLeary

When we last talked to you, you’d just finished a year at Fabrica. Did this set you off on a new path? While I was at Fabrica, I developed a great interest in …

Record 23rd August 2016

Kevin Finn – Design Practice
Eamon Spelman

It’s fairly common practice for design graduates to leave Irish shores and gain experience abroad, only to return home a few years later to benefit the industry here. Some, however, decide to stay and make their career in their adopted country…

Events 30th June 2016

POST Design Festival
Aideen McCole

For a long time, there has been a lack of open conversation about how design works, something that the 100 Archive's series' such as Modern Practice and …

Sustainable Work 23rd June 2016

Christian Titze
Paul Woods

Christian Titze is Business Director at Edenspiekermann LA. Long working hours are something that have long been taken for granted in the creative industry. In your experience, is this still the case and do you expect this to …

Sustainable Work 11th May 2016

Redesigning the Art Gallery: Iverna
Aideen McCole

Launched late last year, is an online gallery dedicated to contemporary Irish art, founded by artist and curator James Earley, probably best known for his striking …

Sustainable Work 28th April 2016

Designing ADIFF
Aideen McCole

The Dublin International Film Festival has been running since 2003, bringing a host of high quality Irish and international cinema to an increasing and diversifying audience. Its 2016 edition, which was held from 18-28 …

Sustainable Work 5th April 2016

Ray Doyle
Paul Woods

Ray is a Dublin based creative director, photographer and filmmaker. Long working hours are something that have long been taken for granted in the creative industry. In your experience, is this still the case and do you expect …

News 15th March 2016

Welcoming a new Archive Panel
David Smith

The Professional Panel – David, John, Lara, Simon and Richard –  have completed their task and have cut down in excess of 500 entries to the glorious selection of work…

Record 15th March 2016

Stephen Averill – U2
Eamon Spelman

There are a handful of designers who have a longstanding relationship or association with one organisation or group. Vignelli’s work for Knoll or Peter Saville and New Order usually come to mind but Stephen Averill’s work for U2 spans nearly…

Sustainable Work 8th March 2016

Paul Woods

Sustainable working in the creative industry: An impossible myth? How many hours did you work today? Ten? Twelve? More? And last weekend? How many then? As a designer, you’ve been always felt privileged that you get to do …

Sustainable Work 8th March 2016

Steven Cook
Paul Woods

Interview 1: Steven Cook Partner and Creative director Edenspiekermann, Berlin Long working hours are something that are taken for granted by many in the creative …

Modern Practice 2nd March 2016

Modern Practice: Kasia Ozmin
Kasia Ozmin

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? If I had to tweet the answer I’d say: “Worked really hard, always asked questions and desperately tried to keep the standards high.” But since you…

Modern Practice 23rd February 2016

Modern Practice: Seán Mongey
Seán Mongey

What’s your background? How did you get to where you are? When I was in school I thought I wanted to be an animator, then did a transition year placement in a graphic design agency and wasn’t into it. So I applied to …

Modern Practice 2nd February 2016

Modern Practice: WeMakeDesign
Nik Dillon

What’s your background? How did you get to where you are? We both graduated from National College of Art & Design with a Visual Communications degree, way back when. We’ve about 20 years experience each, working here …

Modern Practice 21st January 2016

Welcoming a new Professional Panel
David Wall

We’re delighted to welcome our new Professional Panel. Their task is to review all submissions, and determine the long-list that will live on the site and be in the running for inclusion in the annual Archive Selection. With the …

Record 18th January 2016

Alan Aboud — Design Practice
Eamon Spelman

For the last 25 years, Alan Aboud has worked extensively with innovative fashion, beauty, fragrance and lifestyle brands, including Paul Smith, Zara, Levi's, H&M, River Island and Neal's Yard Remedies. Last month, Eamon Spelman talked to him …

News 16th December 2015

Deadline for 2015 projects — 31.01.16
Brian Nolan

As we are counting down to 2016 take a little time to look back at 2015 and prepare your entries for the Archive. As ever you can submit work at any time and all projects that have made it onto the site in 2015 are automatically reviewed by our Archive …

Record 10th December 2015

Alan Aboud – Paul Smith
Eamon Spelman

“A very generous man with his time” is how Alan Aboud describes his client, the fashion designer, Paul Smith. Their working relationship started after Alan graduated …

News 7th December 2015

Many Hands Make Site Work
David Wall

The site that we built over the last few months and launched last week is a starting point. It’s designed to change in line with the next steps of the longer term 100 Archive …

News 2nd December 2015

The Next Chapter
Scott Burnett

Well, we’ve just launched an updated website. It’s been a year in the making all things considered and was made possible thanks to support from ID2015 and key members of the 100 Archive community. While much core thinking remains in place, we …

Events 26th November 2015

Face Forward's First Outing
Aideen McCole

‘In comparison to other disciplines typography is noticeably under-theorised, and we believe this has had the effect of limiting the status of the practice in a number of spheres. As a consequence, concrete theoretical or methodological positions for …

Events 13th November 2015

Designing the Web Summit
Aideen McCole

With more than 40,000 people from all over the world attending its sold out final outing in Dublin last week, designing the Web Summit – along with a host of other conferences around the world annually – can…

Modern Practice 13th November 2015

Modern Practice: Lara Hanlon
Lara Hanlon

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? Okay so my design background doesn’t have much of a history as of yet. In 2013 I graduated from the Design in Visual Communications programme at IADT, Dun Laoghaire, …

Modern Practice 13th November 2015

Criticism in Irish Design
Simon Sweeney

From the smallest freelance operations to the fully fledged studios, there is a mindset that almost totally permeates Irish graphic design. We are all affected by it. It is a mindset that gives birth to many ideas, namely; we are a small, tightly-knit …

Modern Practice 13th November 2015

Modern Practice: JP Hartnett
John-Patrick Hartnett

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? I first studied at IADT where my ideas…

Modern Practice 12th November 2015

Modern Practice - Paul Woods
Paul Woods

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? After finishing high school, I had the naive notion that I wanted to be an artist, so I went to study fine art at the National College of Art and Design. After quickly …

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