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In The Making 26th May 2020

In The Making: Ashwin Chacko
Ashwin Chacko

Design is an inherently human activity, and a designer's work is informed by the experiences, learnings, influences and associations they accumulate throughout their life. In this new series, we ask some of Ireland's top creatives to tell us what it…

Viewpoints 2020 24th May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #3
Noelle Cooper

I was initially unsure about sharing my opinion on a shorter working week because it is not something that we, as a studio, have considered implementing or even openly discussed. It feels all the more strange talking about it in the context of the uncertain…

Viewpoints 2020 23rd May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #2
Niall Shanahan

There is a widespread agreement that contemporary innovations and development in automation, computing, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) poses, at the very least, the possibility of disruption and changes in labour markets and employment. …

Viewpoints 2020 22nd May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #1
David Joyce

I’ve been working from my front room since the lockdown. I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home—many others don’t have that privilege—many don’t have work; many others don’t have a home. It was odd at first …

Map Irish Design 27th April 2020

Map Irish Design is live!
100 Archive Team

A major research and communication project, and the biggest project the 100 Archive has undertaken to date, Map Irish Design, is now live! Thanks to stellar work by the project team …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Deirdre Corcoran
Elaine McDevitt

We took a trip to Cork to visit Chapter. and sit down with the studio’s founder and creative director Deirdre Corcoran. We spoke…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Language
Elaine McDevitt

We sat down in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios with David Joyce, founder of Language, and …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Mel O'Rourke
Elaine McDevitt

We visited CI Studio in Herbert Mews to chat to founder and Creative Director Mel O’Rourke to find out more about design…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Coffee Culture
Aideen McCole

It’s far from flat whites that we were reared, yet looking around any town or city in Ireland you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. One in three Irish people now buys a coffee at least once a day, and this is a figure that seems to have been …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Architecture, Property and Construction
Aideen McCole

No industry has been as closely associated with Ireland’s boom and bust (and boom again) than construction. And while the …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Design Initiatives
Elaine McDevitt

How does the design profession portray itself and how is this manifested within the 100 Archive? The design industry has been working to communicate what it is and what it does for as long as it’s been designing. In Ireland, we have professional …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Decade of Centenaries
Elaine McDevitt

In January 2020, plans to commemorate the Royal Irish Constabulary, an armed police force that existed until 1922 under the authority of the British administration in Ireland met with so far unparalleled levels of public debate around the Decade of …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Elaine McDevitt

As a trend, a term, a movement, sustainability is fast becoming ubiquitous as we collectively examine our consumer choices and environmental impact. It’s therefore no surprise that we’ve seen it emerge within the 100 Archive in recent years …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Ann Mulrooney
Elaine McDevitt

Work for the cultural sector is a significant proportion of the projects submitted to the 100 Archive each year. In order to understand the impact design has within the cultural sector, we chatted to curator and cultural manager Ann Mulrooney about …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Rory Simms
Elaine McDevitt

While he was on a flying visit home, we caught up with Rory Simms, designer in Pentagram NYC. He talked to us about his education in IADT, his move to the States and the work he’s most proud of…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

CDs, LPs and 1 Cassette Tape
Aideen McCole

‘Streaming in the car and kitchen, vinyl in the living room and the den.’ — Jack White You don’t need to …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Print, Practice and the Polls
Aideen McCole

Design has a unique capacity to reflect our changing values. Design’s relationship to consumption — whether viewed positively or otherwise — means the outputs of the design industry can show us quite clearly what we want and desire, our …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Mise Éire
Elaine McDevitt

With 39% of all work submitted to the 100 Archive being made for the cultural sector (more than any other category), it is clear that design plays a notable role in how we express our culture. Crossing over between largely cultural and International …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Elaine McDevitt

Connectivity has become particularly topical during Covid19 events. As we physically distance, we connect more in other ways - Zoom has become a verb, posted mail is undergoing a revival and access to phone and internet has become of much greater social and…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

100 Archive 2016 Industry Survey
100 Archive Team

Back in late 2016 we asked you to participate in an industry survey, with a view to examining the current landscape of the Irish graphic design industry, conducted in collaboration with Quiddity. In addition to profiling the background and experience …

Letters To The Editor 23rd April 2020

Can Design Help?
Scott Burnett

Kicking off this new feature, Scott Burnett, founder and partner of wove, asks if designers are in a position to help in times of crisis. Have your say in the comments. _____ Is this a funny time …

Dialogues 10th April 2020

On 'Design & Humour'
Paul Woods

Dialogues is a series of articles capturing opinions, conversations and discourse relating to design theory & practice. In the first edition of this new series, Garech Stone looks for the humour in Irish design and comes up short. In response…

Dialogues 8th April 2020

Design & Humour
Garech Stone

Dialogues is a series of articles capturing opinions, conversations and discourse relating to design theory & practice. In the first edition of this new series, Garech Stone looks for the humour in Irish design and comes up short. In response…

Dialogues 2nd April 2020

Revert's April Picks
Trevor Finnegan

It's a pretty strange time for everyone out there and making a list of things to do and see might be a little bit trivial. That said, our friends at Revert gave it a shot, and hopefully it can help us get through the long days at home be it&…

Global Irish Design 30th March 2020

The Remote Working Pandemic
Keelin Coyle

The past few weeks have forced a fundamental reorientation in how graphic design is practiced. Globally, designers have had to embrace the current reality — graphic design, for the time being, is a fully remote industry. Amidst the collective hyper-…

In With The New #3 10th March 2020

In With The New: Liam Hamill
Liam Hamill

Sadly, we have come to the end of this year’s In With The New series. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know all of these up-and-coming designers. Our final article of the series features a designer who is very talented while also …

In With The New #3 6th March 2020

Fuse:d 20 x 20 Design Event
100 Archive Team

Join us, Fuse:d and a host of creative people and businesses for an evening of visual storytelling. The presentation format is simple, 20 images displayed for only 20 seconds each. We'll be hosting presentations from a selection of Wexford based …

In With The New #3 5th March 2020

NCAD Communication Design's March Picks
John Paul Dowling

The March picks have been carefully selected by the Communication Design Department over in NCAD. Read on to find out what the team will be getting up to over the next few weeks... …

In With The New #3 3rd March 2020

In With The New: Leah Downing
Leah Downing

Leah Downing was born and raised in Dublin where she studied a joint degree of visual communication and visual culture in the National College of Art and Design. She currently works as a designer in Post Studio, Dublin. After first year in NCAD …

News 27th February 2020

100 Archive's New Contributors
100 Archive Team

The intention of the 100 Archive is not just to present contemporary design, but to discuss and contextualise it. We want the site to be a place to consider design from a range of perspectives and for people to begin to better understand design and its …

In With The New #3 25th February 2020

In With The New: Cath Buckley
Cath Buckley

Next up in the series is Cath Buckley, a Carlow-native who graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2019 and is currently working as a junior designer in CI Studio, Dublin. “It feels surreal. I was only supposed to be here for one week'…

In With The New #3 18th February 2020

In With The New: Adrian de Juan
Adrian de Juan

Adrian de Juan studied Visual Communication in the Cork Institute of Technology, recently completed an internship with Imagist in London and currently resides in Cork, where he works as a freelance designer. “I was born and raised in the Philippines. …

In With The New #3 12th February 2020

The 2020 creative festival (and other events) round up
Lara Hanlon

With the new year well underway, you might be wondering what events are worth adding to your calendar. Take a browse and chalk them down…   …

In With The New #3 11th February 2020

In With The New: Finán Callaghan
Finan Callaghan

Next up is Finán Callaghan who has a BA in Visual Communication from the Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT) and currently works in Custodian. “I was born in Liverpool. My mam and dad worked and studied over there. When I was three, …

In With The New #3 6th February 2020

Upcoming DES events
Kate Stuart

Our partners Design Enterprise Skillnet will be hosting a range of events for 2020. Their aim is to help designers and design managers to acquire the tools and skills that will enable their businesses and careers to thrive. We will be partnering …

In With The New #3 4th February 2020

In With The New: Gabriela Nisizaki
Gabriela Nisizaki

Freelance graphic designer Gabriela Nisizaki has recently returned to Montevideo, Uruguay having completed an MA in Visual Communication at the Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT.) Gabriela intends to travel between Montevideo and …

In With The New #3 31st January 2020

Greenhouse's February Picks
David Walsh

February's picks have been selected by the folks residing in Greenhouse, both in Dublin and in Cork. So you're covered no matter which capital you find yourself in... THINGS TO DO Chester Beaty Annual Lecture…

In With The New #3 28th January 2020

In With The New: Michael O'Riordan
Michael O Riordan

Michael O’Riordan currently lives with his fiancée Bernadette Moran in a renovated sweet shop in Clara, Co. Offaly, not far from where he grew up. It is here, surrounded by the beautiful boggy wilderness of the midlands that he works remotely …

News 24th January 2020

2019 Submissions: FAQs
100 Archive Team

With one week to go until the deadline for 2019 submissions (Friday 31 January) design projects from all over Ireland and from Irish designers overseas are beginning to come in thick and fast. Hitting a stumbling block with your own submission? Here are …

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