2nd June 2020

The 2019 100 Archive Selection is live!
Aideen McCole

It’s hard to believe but here we are: the 100 Archive has made its tenth annual selection of contemporary communication design, made by designers all over Ireland and Irish designers working all …

Map Irish Design 27th April 2020

Map Irish Design is live!
100 Archive Team

A major research and communication project, and the biggest project the 100 Archive has undertaken to date, Map Irish Design, is now live! Thanks to stellar work by the project team …

27th February 2020

100 Archive's New Contributors
100 Archive Team

The intention of the 100 Archive is not just to present contemporary design, but to discuss and contextualise it. We want the site to be a place to consider design from a range of perspectives and for people to begin to better understand design and its …

24th January 2020

2019 Submissions: FAQs
100 Archive Team

With one week to go until the deadline for 2019 submissions (Friday 31 January) design projects from all over Ireland and from Irish designers overseas are beginning to come in thick and fast. Hitting a stumbling block with your own submission? Here are …

6th December 2019

Call for Entries 2019
100 Archive Team

Well, it's that time of year again. While submissions for the 100 Archive are accepted year round, none bar the most organised of us has managed to make any. So here we go, it's deadline time: you have until 31 January 2020 to get your 2019 …

20th June 2019

100 x NLI Web Archive 2019
Aislinn Purcell

In late 2017 we began a partnership with the Digital Collections Department in the National Library of Ireland to include 100 Archive website selections in the National Web Archive. While almost all 100 Archive website selections were included in a domain …

23rd May 2019

The 2018 100 Archive Selection is live!
100 Archive Team

It’s here, it’s finally here! After months of deliberation, our Professional Panel and Archive Panel have assessed 414 projects from a record 153 submitting designers and the 100 projects which reflect design and life in Ireland in 2018 have …

21st May 2019

Evolving the Archive
Aideen McCole

In mid 2018 we were delighted to find out that the 100 Archive was successful in an application for a community heritage grant from the Heritage Council as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH). The …

Events 15th May 2019

100 Archive 2018 Selection Launch
100 Archive Team

The time has finally come: let's see what work has made it into the 2018 Archive Selection and raise a glass to all the designers, studios, collaborators and clients who made it happen! Every year the 100 Archive presents the best of Irish communication…

21st February 2019

100 Archive x Design Talent
100 Archive Team

The 100 Archive are excited to announce a new partnership with Design Talent!  A brand new Irish design board offering a much needed service for the Irish design industry. On Design Talent you can list …

5th December 2018

2018 Deadline
100 Archive Team

The 2018 deadline is upon us: get your work from this year submitted by 31.01.19 in order to be in the running for the 2018 Archive Selection. The 2018 Archive Selection should show the breadth of graphic and communication design in Ireland…

24th October 2018

The new Archive Panel: 2018/2020
100 Archive Team

This year the changing of the guard occurs for both of our panels. Here we introduce our new Archive Panel 2018/20, but first off a massive thanks goes to James Cullen, Aoife Flynn, Kasia Ozmin, Eamon Spelman and Paul Woods for selecting the past three…

22nd October 2018

The new Professional Panel: 2018/2020
100 Archive Team

With our previous professional panel stepping down, it's time to introduce five new assessors. First off though, a massive thank you to Lara Hanlon, David Caron, Richard McElveen, Simon Richards and John Gavin for assessing a total of 778 projects over …

17th October 2018

New additions to the Steering Committee
100 Archive Team

New partnerships, new funding and soon new panellists: there have been a lot of changes here at the 100 Archive this year. While we were at it we thought we would bring some new perspectives onto the steering committee in order to keep the organisation…

25th May 2018

100 x Data
100 Archive Team

Well here we are, the day we've been waiting for (for more reasons than one...): it's now Friday 25 May, aka the deadline for compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. Here at the 100 Archive we have made a few tweaks and have…

25th January 2018

100 × NLI
100 Archive Team

We are delighted to announce that in 2018 we begin a partnership with the National Library of Ireland to begin to digitally preserve websites selected by the 100 Archive through the NLI's Web Archive…

13th June 2017

The 2016 Archive is launched!
Aideen McCole

After a flurry of submissions, months of deliberation and a fancy shindig in Twitter's EMEA Headquarters in Dublin, 381 submissions have been whittled down to 100 great pieces of Irish graphic design and …

23rd December 2016

Everybody loves a deadline — 31.01.17
Brian Nolan

As we are counting down to 2017 take a little time to look back at 2016 and think about what work you will submit to the 100 Archive. As ever you can submit work at any time and all projects that have made it onto the site in 2016 are automatically reviewed…

1st December 2016

100 Archive Industry Survey
100 Archive Team

Who, Why, How much... For some time now it has become clear that the borders are blurring. Visual communications had a relatively clear set or parameters and it was easy to define.  Design is now seen as an asset that …

28th September 2016

2016 deadline: you heard it here first…
Aideen McCole

Here at the 100 we’re plotting and planning next year’s activities with such excitement that we thought we would take the time to remind you of next year’s first and arguably most important event: submission for the 2016 archive selection…

15th March 2016

Welcoming a new Archive Panel
David Smith

The Professional Panel – David, John, Lara, Simon and Richard –  have completed their task and have cut down in excess of 500 entries to the glorious selection of work…

16th December 2015

Deadline for 2015 projects — 31.01.16
Brian Nolan

As we are counting down to 2016 take a little time to look back at 2015 and prepare your entries for the Archive. As ever you can submit work at any time and all projects that have made it onto the site in 2015 are automatically reviewed by our Archive …

7th December 2015

Many Hands Make Site Work
David Wall

The site that we built over the last few months and launched last week is a starting point. It’s designed to change in line with the next steps of the longer term 100 Archive …

2nd December 2015

The Next Chapter
Scott Burnett

Well, we’ve just launched an updated website. It’s been a year in the making all things considered and was made possible thanks to support from ID2015 and key members of the 100 Archive community. While much core thinking remains in place, we …

22nd May 2015

Credit Where Credit's Due
Brian Nolan

As a member of 100 Archive you are encouraged to associate with our activity, recognise a success or simply support and promote what we do. Increasingly our members are referencing their presence on the Archive, or simply using it as a way of …

9th January 2015

2014 Deadline Approaches
Scott Burnett

The clock is ticking... Hopefully the hangovers have all passed and you're primed and ready for the year ahead. But before you shoot off to design the crap out of 2015 [which is of course the year of Irish design] we hope you&#…

22nd July 2014

100 Needs You!
Scott Burnett

As you've no doubt reasoned from our last couple of posts, the last couple of months were, well, busy. In fact the last couple of years developing this project have been exciting, interesting and, at times, frantic. The challenges in managing the …

9th July 2014

Sorry to keep you waiting, please take a seat.
Brian Nolan

So its been a while, a little longer than we had planned, but very soon, we hope you will agree it's been worth the wait. When we set out on this archive and community building project we had to make some educated guesses. This helped us develop…

5th March 2014

The Archive Criteria
David Smith

At the end of each year an independent critical review of all projects in the 100 Future will determine up to a maximum of 100 projects to be included in the 100 Past. 100 Past will grow year by year into an accessible and historical archive, the aim of …

4th March 2014

The Archive Panel
Scott Burnett

Now that the door has closed on submissions, we're delighted to introduce the panel tasked with shaping the 2010—13 archive entries. In identifying this panel we wanted to provide a range of perspectives from proven and balanced advocates of …

22nd February 2014

The FINAL Deadline!
Scott Burnett

The last leg! Well we've had a great response so far. Lots of amazing projects completed since 2010 have made it through to our long-list. The end of February is the deadline for your 2013 projects, and due to popular demand we're extending an …

30th September 2013

Next Deadlines
Scott Burnett

So hopefully you all got your 2010 projects up in time? We certainly had a good response. But no time to rest on your laurels, it's time to get thinking about what else you should submit, and here's some milestones to focus the mind. …

In With The New #3 2nd September 2013

Deadline for 2010 projects
Scott Burnett

Deadline for 2010 projects: Monday 30 September Join the future before it becomes the past! Submitting your work to 100 Future means that it's eligible for inclusion in the archive. Each year up to 100 projects that give …

14th August 2013

100 Archive & ICAD
Brian Nolan

100 Archive are delighted to have the support of the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD). We have been working with them to identify projects and individuals of merit which should be included …

Monthly Picks 14th August 2013

Introducing 100 Now
David Wall

We’re very happy to introduce 100 Now. This news feed will connect the various parts of the 100 Archive, and offer insights and opinions that come from the project and inform it. We’ve backdated the feed with our guest posts from the …