Game — Exhibition catalogue

2018 Selection

Designed at Science Gallery by Ruza Leko.

3D artist: Eoghan Kidney

Video: Matthew Boyd

‘GAME’ is a publication that was created as a legacy piece and exhibition guide for the Science Gallery exhibition ‘GAME: The Future of Play’. Speculative and playful in design, the publication presents the core target audience of 15-25 year olds—and an increasingly tech-savvy public—with a unhinged take on the imagery of gaming, far from the action heroes of role player games and caricatures of mobile gaming apps.

The pervasive ‘pong’ paddles throughout the publication appear to collide and overlap, suggesting chaos and movement within the gaming sector. The cover image also suggests a incertain future, where even dogs are immersed in some level of augmented reality, and real world play replaced by simulated games of ‘catch’ or fleeing cats.

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