12 Acres

Designed at Penhouse by Gillian Reidy.

Design: Annette O'Hara

Packaging Commercial

Take a barley farm in Laois, malt the crop from their '12 acres' field, add some water from a spring on their land too, then leaf through the family album to find a pic of great great grandad… these were the ingredients for designing this new craft beer.

When we met Patrick and heard about the beer origins, we figured his family brand story warranted exploration and the germ of this family branding project began – enter great grandad, the man who bought the 12 Acres Field in Laois the 1920’s, his bowler hat and full mustache in tow. With a great old style photo like this in the family album, we couldn’t leave it behind and so we chose to dress the Pale Ale bottle with it.

In contrast, we created a clean sharp logo for 12 Acres to sit on top, and the two marry nicely. We also designed graphic elements for the rest of the label and profiling 'from our ground to your glass' branding their unique 12 acres ingredients, tastefully dressed to start selling their delicious pale ale.

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