3fe website (2015)

Designed at by Peter McDonagh.

Photographer: Al Higgins

Logo design: Workgroup

Interactive Commercial

As one of the first baristas at 3fe in 2010, I worked there until they moved to their current location on Grand Canal Street in 2012. While I'm no longer a barista at 3fe, it was a genuine privilege to be asked to redesign their website.

Since it was founded in 2010, 3fe have become synonymous with great coffee in Dublin, but they also have a significant international audience. We wanted the new website to serve both local customers with timely information about visiting as well as giving international visitors a sense of place, and of being in Dublin.

With the help of photographer, Al Higgins, we created a bank of images which together captured the essence of Dublin, brewing coffee and the feeling of being at 3fe. These images form the backbone of the homepage which introduces the various strands of 3fe.

The goals of this website were not just related to visual design, but it also needed to reduce the manual and repetitive workload on the backend for the 3fe staff who were managing web sales, class bookings and subscriptions through a platform that had been outgrown for some time. I settled on Squarespace as the primary platform which offered the best balance of flexible content management options and excellent e-commerce. I separated the barista class bookings from the main webshop and integrated the very excellent Tito, which offers much more powerful event management capabilities.

In the one year since the website launched, web sales increased by 10x or 1000%.

Website design and development by Peter McDonagh. Photography by Al Higgins. Logo designed by Conor and David at Workgroup.

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