Designed at Detail. Design Studio by Brian Nolan and Holly Brennan.

Artist: Anthony Haughey

Director: Laurence McKeown

Cultural Publication

The Aftermath project uses discussion and creative, artistic approaches to story-telling and life stories to highlight the issues and needs of the participants. Focusing on the border regions of Northern Ireland which became a refuge for many who fled the conflict. In more recent times this area has received refugees from further afield, those displaced by conflicts in their own lands. They often experience the same fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams as their counterparts from the north did; similarly, they also often encounter the same suspicions and prejudices from the host community.

We were engaged by the project team to produce a book cataloging the project outputs — prose, imagery and video.The design concept references the physical division or split that a border creates. The dust jacket and text pages are split horizontally, creating ‘hidden’ content, to reflect this.

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