An Object For - Website

Designed at Indigo & Cloth by George Beattie.

Web Development: James Delaney


An Object For was founded by award winning Dublin based design studio, Designgoat. Designgoat are an industrial design practice with a distinctive approach to irish design. They aim to create beautiful, functional products that reflect their love for simplicity and utility. There way of working allows them to create experiences through products, spaces, furniture and food. Notable clients include: Design & Craft Council of Ireland, The Science Gallery, Jameson, Brother Hubbard, Makers & Brothers and a slew of others.

Upon launching their new product line, An Object For, Designgoat approached us to design an online shop and digital showcase of their new offering.The website needed to present the products while also acting as an inviting space to reflect on the intrigue and stark subtlety of their new line.

The aesthetic of the website is a further development of the brand identity, in a digital form. The logo mark draws heavily on the idea of the placement of an object. The identity acts as a ‘typographic shelf’, with the typography mirroring objects sitting neatly on a shelf. We wanted to create a light, well structured experience with visual play throughout the site. This can be seen in the menu slide animation, image hovers, random appearance of brand marks and energetic movement of imagery. The typographic approach instills confidence in the overall experience of the consumer. The bold ‘coral’ colour adds a contrasting layer over the structured typographic layout of the site.

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