Art Night 2018

Designed at Freelance Graphic Designer by Cathy Buckmaster.

Head of Design: Lise Charpentier

Identity Cultural

Art Night, London’s largest free contemporary arts festival, took place on 7 July 2018 — it creates a trail of art exhibits, installations and events in extraordinary locations around the city for one night a year.

The Art Night 2018 trail—chock full of towering skyscrapers—draws eyes to the sky, and feeling so tiny in this futuristic environment had a huge impact on the design.

For the colour palette, we embraced the festival's nocturnal nature and created something crepuscular, but with a nod to that retro sci-fi with a skewed neon type lock-up. Inspiration came from future-noir films with late-night blue and purple hues juxtaposed with the fluorescence to represent the night-time's pulse.

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