Ballykilcavan Brewery

Designed at Penhouse by Gillian Reidy.

Design: Leonie Rafter

Design: Annette O'Hara

Packaging Commercial

Ballykilcavan Brewery is a craft beer brewing company, set up in Laois, on a family farm since 1639 and spanning 13 Walsh generations.

We created an identity and suite of packaging and marketing collateral for Ballykilcavan, based around the Walsh family crest - the Griffen. Rather than branding it in a traditional family crest format, we took the griffen, stripped it back, added some bright colour and fresh font use, freshening it up to work for beer.

The farmyard, with griffen wind vein features on all material, as illustrated support graphics. A range of beers are now in place - each distinctly coloured, but matching as a set from the same yard.

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