BSM Identity

Designed at Red&Grey by Bob Gray.

Designer: Celine Ibanez

Copywriting: Henrietta McKervey

Identity Civic

A space becomes a place with the introduction of people. Spaces are simple, but places are complicated, they can be folded, skewed, twisted and interpreted from many different perspectives. This was our approach to the BSM identity, simply take a square and play. The same rigour was also applied when creating a language system for the identity. Here we used ‘Built Environment’ as our foundational element to be experimented with. Examples included; People Focused, Built Environment or Visually Impactful, Built Environment. This system is incorporated across all communications from meeting minutes to major projects. 

Brady Shipman Martin have been building our environments since the company was first established in 1968. This identity update has been designed to showcase their work and highlight their fundamental need to remain culturally connected to contemporary Ireland.

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