Charlie Le Mindu – Haute Coiffure

Designed at WorkGroup / Conor & David by David Wall, Conor Nolan, and Julieanne McMahon.

Printer: Graphicom

Introduction: Anders Christian Madsen

Illustration: Magnus Dekker

Photographer: Rankin

Photographer: Nick Knight

Photographer: Vassilis Karidis

Photographer: Emma Gibney

Photographer: Olivier Simola

Photographer: Merton Perlaki

Photographer: Fe Pinheiro

Photographer: Frederick Lieberath

Photographer: Indira Cesarine

Photographer: Alice Rosati

Photographer: Saga Sig

Photographer: Olivier Ouadah

Photographer: Olivier Simola

Photographer: Meinle Klein

Photographer: Jules Couartou

Photographer: Jérôme Lobato

Photographer: Stefan Schwartzman

Photographer: Alice Rosati

Photographer: César Segarra

Photographer: Greg Bailey

Photographer: José Morraja

Photographer: Victor Malecot

Photographer: Tim Walker

Photographer: Ciel Liu Bei

Photographer: Louis Banks

Photographer: Brian Mills

Photographer: Alice Rosati

Photographer: Raffaele Cariou

Photographer: Holger Talinski

Photographer: Valério Mezzanotti

Photographer: Alex Noble

Photographer: Holger Talinski

Photographer: David Hugonot Petit

Photographer: Inès Dieleman

Photographer: Emma Dash

Photographer: Mark Davies

Photographer: Philippe Jarrigeon

Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth

Commercial Publication

Charlie Le Mindu’s medium is hair and his ascent has been rapid, with catwalk shows and celebrities clamouring to wear his wigs, most famously Lady Gaga. His creations – painstakingly handcrafted using cutting-edge techniques – are often controversial; but at the heart of his work remains a genuine punk attitude, a wicked sense of humour, and a love of strong women. Le Mindu has a ferocious, independent imagination, untethered by trends and convention, and this, when combined with exquisite skill, precision and dexterity makes for a true artist.

Haute Coiffure celebrates Le Mindu’s work, in all its bold, tactile glory, with a single 16-page section printed using fluorescent Aniva inks.

The limited edition of Haute Coiffure is presented in a custom black box with hinged lid and ribbon, opening to reveal a contrasting neon interior. Inside, under the book, rests an exclusive limited edition black bobbed wig designed by Charlie Le Mindu, with a hidden pocket housing a branded condom – a nod to the drag clubs where Le Mindu worked during his formative years.

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