Cooneys Irish Cider

Designed at Greenhouse by David Walsh.

Cooney's Irish Cider is an award winning Irish Craft Cider made by the Cooney family who have a strong portfolio in the drinks market. They approached us with an idea they had for an Irish Cider made with apples from their own personal orchards and was an idea they held close to their hearts.

We saw their enthusiasm for this new cider and as with other projects we have worked with them in the past, we saw it important to bring the family dynamic into the brand. From this we felt in important to put their own family name on the label. Something that people can be hesitant to do but they jumped on board immediately.

From this we set about generating a brand and a design that was steeped in provenance and made the Cooney's name centre stage. A simple and impactful typographic route was developed with the use of a matte gold foil speaks volumes that this is a cider made by a family with 3 generations in the drinks industry.

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