Cosquare – Brand & Digital Architecture (2017)

Designed at Unthink by Colin Farmer and Keith Nally.

Design: Colin Farmer

Creative Director: Keith Nally

Design: Noelle Cooper

Motion Design: Chris Fullam

Typography/ Iconography: Bobby Tannam

UI/UX Design: Peter McDonagh

Copywriter: Joanne McLaughlin

Film: Vice SWG

Identity Commercial

Cosquare plays a key role by connecting people and products in a seamless environment, making shopping a richer experience for everyone. Empowering people and brands to shop, share and earn, Cosquare transforms the shopping experience. Where it was once a fragmented, one-way experience, Cosquare makes online shopping social and rewarding.

Working closely with the product teams in the Netherlands and Malaysia, we delivered a range of material for this Dutch social start-up. Internal and external communications material was produced, building on the work previously done by Cosquare, developing out the brand architecture and assets to have a broad range of tones across consumer and corporate touchpoints. Additionally, a custom typeface family and suite of icons was designed to work across both digital and analogue environments.

We went on to design the UI for a responsive web portal and client services portal which both mirrored the app designed and built by the Cosquare team and provided expanded functionality to brands and end users. The full platform is scheduled to roll out in late 2018.

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