Designed at Atomic by Stephen Kiernan, Poncho Byrne, and Ian Fraher.

Designer: Dylan MacKay

Cultural Promotional

It was the worst of times. Ireland didn’t qualify for another World Cup. Some fans solemnly shook their heads. Some shed a single solitary tear. But not Atomic Sport.

We decided that we wouldn’t let the World Cup go by without supporting the boys in green. Any boys in green. So we nailed our colours to the mast and designed 4 special edition commemorative posters declaring our support for Nigeria, Cameroon, Mexico & Algeria - our alternative boys in green.

We communicated our message of support with posters throughout Dublin, that encouraged the public to pick a team and support green. We also delivered a special run of the posters to the respective embassies around Dublin, meeting the ambassadors in person to present them with our message of support.

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