Criostal na Rinne

Designed at Aad by Scott Burnett, Stacie Heffernan, and Eric Stynes.

Photographer: Al Higgins

Set design & Styling: Ciara O’Donovan

Identity Commercial

Criostal Na Rinne is a family business built around master craftsman Eamon Terry. We helped them undertake a shift from ‘craftsman for hire’ towards establishing a customer facing brand.

Seeing early prototypes of new products we established a hero product architecture – Underpinning each range with stories that connected with particular audiences. Each range has a short Irish name that evokes the landscape and culture that inspires them.

Photographer Al Higgins and stylist Ciara O’Donovan beautifully brought the stories, product and ranges to life with rich photography, materials and props. The brand is woven together with simple, elegant type, colours and tactile materials to deliver a sensitive but luxurious experience.

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