Critical Bastards issue 16

Designed at David Donohoe studio by David Donohoe.

Editor: Deborah Madden

Editorial team: Lily Cahill, Sara O'Brien

Cultural Publication

Design of issue 16 of Critical Bastards, an Irish magazine of creative criticism that engages with national and international contemporary art. Its 16th issue was themed 'Sense'.

The design interrogates ideas of 'Sense' via intelligibility, tactility and dimensionality. Printed pages imply transparency. Hands hold pages within pages. Text slips and adjusts with shifting context. Featured artist Barbara Knezevic's images are refracted throughout, bleeding through section and surface. An inverted gate-fold forms a prismatic interruption and central fulcrum. Obverse and reverse coalesce.

Contributors: Barbara Knezevic, Sue Rainsford, Eleanor Duffin, Gavin Prior, Anita Chari, Stephanie Chops, Aoife Herrity, Joanne Laws, Tom O’Brien

A5 HP indigo print.

32pp 120gsm + 4pp folding to 8pp DNS uncoated.

4pp 250gsm DNS uncoated.

Saddle stitch.

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