Crown Square

Designed at Originate Creative by Garrett Murphy and Eva Shortt.

Head of Digital: Matt Mahon

Web Developer: Leandro Costa

Copywriter: Olive Cogan

Front-End Developer: Romulo Feltrin Filippini

Commercial Promotional

A stylish monogram with curves that flow into each other captures the essence of Crown Square: the first modern campus of its scale in Galway that connects offices, residences, retail and more to create a new self-sufficient community.

It is an integral part of a motion identity that we designed to capture the energy of one of the most compelling developments on the west coast for over a decade. Bespoke typography was created to bring warmth to the visual language and work in harmony with the palette.

The colour palette is inspired by the vibrancy of Galway city with rich, warm tones capturing the hustle and bustle of one of the friendliest micro cities in Europe. This new brand was brought to life with a brochure, hoarding and website.

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