D2 Website

2016 Selection

Designed at Bielke+Yang by Evan McGuinness.

Designer: Martin Yang Stousland

Designer: Christian Bielke

Front-end development: Værsågod

Back-end development: DN

Logotype design: Bobby Tannam

Interactive Commercial

D2 – one of Norway’s biggest lifestyle and culture magazines received its first redesign since its inception in 2007. The magazine has had a complete visual overhaul, the print edition designed in-house and website by us. It’s been crucial to mirror the brand of D2 in the digital platforms, and we’ve emphasised giving the reader the same sense of quality as when holding the magazine in your hands. Simply a good reading experience, whether you’re on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Modular layout

One of the challenges in the online publication is the ability to reflect the flexibility of its printed counterpart. We worked closely with the writers and designers to develop a modular system that allows for diverse layout combinations across all devices. There’s a lot of room for variations to play around with for the staff posting the content.

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