Deloitte – Top Tech Talent 2018

Designed at Deloitte Digital Ireland by Patrick Horan.

Art Direction: John O'Connor

Corporate Identity

The Deloitte Top Tech Talent 2018 campaign is aimed at university students of all levels who want to kickstart their careers within the tech industry. The identity uses a customised typography based on Open Sans (Deloitte's primary brand typeface) in order to push the creative boundaries and create a more animated, immersive experience.

The visuals of the campaign use key iconography which are known to everyone across the tech sector such as file folders and dialog boxes. The typography styling is also a nod towards the coding language.

These visuals are then applied in a fun and tongue-in-cheek way to create creative imagery that breaks the perception that a corporate business can be clinical and one dimensional. These are applied across a range of print and digital applications throughout the duration of the competition.