Dexter Leather by Killenure Castle

Designed at Penhouse by Gillian Reidy.

Designer: Leonie Rafter

Design Team: Gemma Corcoran

Identity Commercial

The story of the Dexter cattle is a uniquely Irish story of innovation and survival from Killenure Castle, in Dundrum, Tipperary. This native Irish breed faced extinction but by acting as custodians, for this Dexter herd, Eavaun Carmody and her farming team is ensuring the survival of one of the three native Irish breeds of cattle.

As well as the great beef they produce, Dundrum Dexter cattle also provide a tender hide for the finest Irish leather. The team joined forces with skilled craftsmen at Holden Leather to produce a premium range of Irish leather goods.

We created an identity for the leather goods. Designed to sit in with the Killenure Castle Dexter identity, the leather range needed its own icon which would emboss and line all the leather products, while casting a salute to this native Irish breed.

One stand out piece for us has to be the distinctive black sliothar - finest Irish Dexter leather, beautifully crafted and suitably branded.

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