Electrify Magazine Issue 01

Designed at by Jack Collins.

Editor-In-Chief: Amanda Ho

Creative Director: Christopher DeMairo


Editorial design and layout for the premiere issue of Electrify Magazine – a New York-based travel, fashion and lifestyle publication showcasing the creative pursuits of today’s Global Generation.

Electrify covers a diverse array of subject matter in its celebration of the pursuits of the Global Generation, featuring a wide range of artists and locations from around the world. The launch issue established the visual tone for the brand in print and the format and layout the biannual magazine would use going forward.

The design direction highlights the magazines' diverse range of photography and imagery, using clean but varied layouts for a dynamic and changing feel. An underlying grid structure gives content a consistent yet flexible feel. The magazines' 3 sections (Explore, Encounter & Experience) are marked by expressive typographic openers, using a unique typeface for each issue.

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