Fexco rebrand

Designed at Dynamo by Emma Kate Horsfield and Garrett Reil.

: Aisling Walsh

: Paulina Biskup

: Conor Wynne

: Roisin Ní Raighne

MD: Jamie Helly

Corporate Identity

Founded in 1981 as a foreign exchange business in a rural part of Ireland, Fexco had grown exponentially over the following 37 years and transformed into a global fintech company operating in multiple categories and regions.

While the business had transformed, the brand had stood still and didn’t represent either the breadth of Fexco’s business operations or the innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit that drove the business forward. Nor did it represent the people focused culture of the organisation.

With a new positioning of ‘Building Borderless Business’ Fexco tasked us with redefining their brand expression to match their ambition – moving their brand beyond the transactional to be more impactful, engaging and accessible.

Our Approach

We were inspired by the strategy, and its expression – ‘Building Borderless Business’. So, the new brand speaks as a builder rather than a banker. It expresses the vision of creating a business world without boundaries. Our more friendly language, a new brand mark, the visual system and imagery all support the concept of a more expansive, innovative and people-focused business.

We delivered:

> Brand strategy and architecture

> Brand communications platform

> Visual Identity

> Graphic brand system

> Brand tone of voice

> Brand engagement video sequences

> Communications design

> Identity guidelines

> Employer engagement programme

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