Garvagh People's Forest

Garvagh People’s Forest project is a five-year project funded by the Big Lottery Fund to grow Garvagh Forest as a shared space where connections, friendships, skills and ideas will be nurtured bringing worth to people, place and the environment. The forest sits adjacent to the site of a former high school and the project seeks to reconnect the local population with the land through several different activities.

Garvagh Forest lies on the former Canning estate at the edge of Garvagh town, a mixed forest with broad leaf and conifers covering around 600 acres. It is a working forest owned by the Northern Ireland Forest Service with responsibility for social & recreational activities sitting with the local Causeway Coast and Glens Council. The land itself has a long history connecting it to human populations: a burial urn was found dating from 1300 BC. And it contains one other unusual feature – there is a pyramid in the forest built by Lord Canning in the 19th Century after a visit to Egypt.

We developed the brand / identity to help communicate and promote the many educational and cultural events taking place within the forest with the aim of getting more people engaged with this beautiful space.

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