Gay Switchboard Ireland - New Commutation Strategy

Designed at Danielle Townsend Design by Danielle Townsend.

Photography: Ana Paula Wanderley Medeiros

Charitable Promotional

Gay Switchboard Ireland has been supporting the LGBT community for over 40 years making it the oldest LGBT support service in Ireland. As such this well respected brand resonates with many people and is highly regarded within the LGBT community. However the image of the organisation did not reflect the new future facing ideas of the organisation.

In order to develop a community approach brand pillars were articulated. These are identified as: Caring, Safe, Creative , Working to Provide Opportunity.

Everything Gay Switchboard Ireland does must embody these. This includes but is not limited to the tone, message and imagery and of course brand used throughout all campaigns.

The new three colour identity allows for much greater flexibility and brand recognition and aligns with the new outlook of the organisation.

Messaging has been carefully crafted with the leading question 'Can't think straight?" which aims to open dialogue with the audience. Brand guidelines were created in order for the consistent application of the brand message. Reference images and copy are shown to provide direction for the organisation, with detailed compositional grids systems guiding the application of future material.

Continued design support is provided for the not for profit for all future activities.

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