Glitch Digital Arts Festival

Designed at Distinctive Repetition by Rossi McAuley.

Designer: Stephen Kerr

Print Cultural

Glitch Digital Arts Festival is held annually in Rua Red Gallery as part of the South Dublin Arts Centre program. With 2017 marking the fifth year of Glitch the studio was asked to create a new identity and accompanying print media assets for both the main festival and its subsidiary program, Glitchmaker.

Given the need for the creation of artwork on an annual basis the studio chose to focus on core aspects of the festival’s identity with a view to developing for the festival a visual language that is consistent and relevant. Our identity designs reflect a simplistic yet accurate programming ‘glitch’. This is manifested in a minimalist ‘broken’ typographic treatment for the festival’s master mark.

We further developed these concepts by adding a distinct colour palette for all of the festival artwork. RGB tones were represented across the media using appropriate fluro Pantones. In the early stages of development we spoke at length with the project team about our concepts for the poster work and what we wanted to achieve. The resulting design featured a simple typographic poster that was ‘broken’ by inserting visual glitches determined by computer error.

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