Helseutvalget (Gay and Lesbian Health Norway)

2017 Selection

Designed at Bielke+Yang by Evan McGuinness.

Designer: Christian Bielke

Designer: Martin Yang

Illustrations: Hedof

Photography: Kimm Saatvedt

Studio photography: Mathias Fossum

Identity Civic

Helseutvalget (Gay and Lesbian Health Norway) is a free health service promoting disease prevention for people who have sex with others of the same sex. HU’s pilot project with an HIV-test for home use has been at the core when developing the new identity—aiming to reach those’s rarely or have never before taken the test before. They wanted a modern, welcoming expression, lowering the threshold for contact. The goal was to attract a wider audience through a more inclusive and friendly identity. In the week after the launch, they received over 1000 orders for the HIV-test.

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