Henchion + Reuter

2017 Selection

Designed at WorkGroup by David Wall, Conor Nolan, and Ruby Henderson.

Monograph Design: Henchion + Reuter

Interactive Commercial

Henchion + Reuter is an architecture practice based in Dublin and Berlin. Since the partnership began in 1994, the practice has been engaged in the design of a diverse series of projects, for a wide variety of uses and locations. The practice seeks to give form to new ideas, and this is the focus of the outputs, rather than a more easily defined grouping in terms of clientele, scale or use.

Having completed a monograph in 2016, the practice was eager to update its online presence to reflect the scope of their work. The resulting site is bilingual with layouts adjusting to accomodate the varying word lengths of English and German. A small suite of stationery was also created.

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