Hockey World League

Designed at Mode Vision by David Phelan.

Sound Design: Ivan Fitzpatrick

3D Animation: Jack Bowler

3D Modelling: Donovan Delaney

Producer Nemadgi: Bernard Goh

Motion Commercial

The objective of this design brief was to create an on-screen live broadcast graphics pack for the Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH). The project also included a new opening title sequence, commercial break stings and replay wipes. The kit of parts, developed with the Singapore based wing of Nemadgi Systems, was designed specifically for the VIZrt real-time live playout device.

The design was inspired by the pre-existing branded print elements (plectrum); then transposed within the compass of broadcast design using bespoke shapes inspired by the contours found within the world of hockey. A carefully selected font was also chosen to drive home the content with suitable hierarchy and legibility. While the sound design also played a pivotal role to punctuate the new graphics; adding a fresh and energetic new look to the World Hockey League.

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