In Dialogue

In Dialogue was a series of five concerts organised by the Irish Composers’ Collective, which ran from July 2017 to January 2018. Each concert featured a canonical work for a particular ensemble, along with original compositions written in response to the work from members of the collective.

I began with the idea that the new works by the collective would be based on each composer’s perception of the canonical work. I therefore wanted to create something that could be perceived in different ways. I was influenced by Lissitzky’s Proun paintings and prints, in which shapes can be perceived as two-dimensional or three-dimensional planes in incommensurable projections. The shapes I used throughout the series, likewise, can be perceived as two-dimensional or as interacting in space — translating Lissitzky’s complicated compositional approach into something easier to optically digest.

A3 posters; social media graphics; concert programmes.

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