INDIGO & CLOTH 2007 - 2017

Designed at by George Beattie.

Print Production: PLUS PRINT

Photography: Brian Teeling

Photography: Sarah Doyle

Photography: 1815 Magazine

Photography: Babs Daly

Art Direction: Andy Collins

Creative Direction: Garrett Pitcher

Print Cultural

Indigo & Cloth is a menswear store, graphic design studio and café based in Temple Bar. INDIGO & CLOTH 2007 - 2017 is an experimental print project. The issue is a commemorative issue to celebrate 10 years of Indigo and Cloth. Celebrating Indigo and Cloth from its first incarnation in South William St to the four story menswear, cafe and studio in Temple bar, Dublin. The publication is a way of looking back at previous decade of collaborations and partnerships which highlight the resonance a small menswear in Dublin can have. The magazine is for peers, clients, friends and the general public. The creation of the magazine afforded an exciting opportunity to team up with some photographers, writers and designers who share a connection to the store and studio over the years.

The main visual focus of INDIGO & CLOTH 2007 - 2017 is the Dublin photoshoot featuring menswear from the Indigo & Cloth , store, photographed by Babs Daly and art directed by the studio. Another feature is a shoot which has pieces from Our Legacy Collections from the last 10 years and Bohemians FC shot by Brian Teeling. The magazine also includes think piece articles and written features from friends and collaborators.

The Magazine is printed with a unique 5 colour process with an added layer of silver / tin to the standard four colour print. This spot colour sits on top of the four colour process and gives an added ethereal quality to the photography in the magazine. The selection of silver / tin here is representative of 10 years of Indigo and Cloth. Tin for 10.

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