INDIGO & CLOTH 2007 - 2017 Website

Designed at by George Beattie and James Delaney.

WEB Development: James Delaney

Interactive Cultural

Indigo & Cloth is a menswear store, graphic design studio and café based in Temple Bar. The INDIGO & CLOTH 2007 - 2017 website is a visual teaser for the launch of the publication of the same name. The issue is a commemorative issue to celebrate 10 years of Indigo and Cloth. From its first incarnation in South William St to the four story menswear, cafe and studio in Temple bar, Dublin. The publication is a way of looking back at previous decade of collaborations and partnerships which highlight the resonance a small menswear in Dublin can have. The magazine is for peers, clients, friends and the general public. The creation of the magazine afforded an exciting opportunity to team up with some photographers, writers and designers who share a connection to the store and studio over the years.

The websites main interaction is a ring which rotates slowly from the middle of the browser displaying information about who features in the upcoming magazine INDIGO & CLOTH 2007 - 2017. The ring is a visual representation of 10 years since 2007 to 2017. The site main purpose was to give people an idea of the photography, writing and features without giving to much away. On selection of the About page the structure of the ring is revealed in a wireframe which rotates on the page. The reveal is a nod to all those involved in the inner workings of making the project.

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