Irish Arts Center Website

Designed at by Kenneth Deegan, Bobby Tannam, and Jack Collins.

Ben Leonard: Website Development

Interactive Cultural

Redesign of the website of the Irish Arts Center, the New York based arts and cultural center dedicated to celebrating and preserving Irish culture in the US through a diverse program including performance, exhibition and education.

Named as arguably the most important Irish cultural center in the US, the IAC project brief called for a need to completely update their online presence as the institution looks towards the approaching 50 year anniversary of its founding and completion of a new permanent home in Manhattan, New York. The designers completely re-envisioned the site’s information architecture and CMS to create a contemporary website with user-centric design at its core. The site considers multiple ways for users to browse its content, learn about upcoming events, purchase tickets, become a member and many other tasks. Across all these scenarios the design was kept approachable, clean and efficient with large scale photography used widely to integrate the spirit and celebrative nature of the IAC’s purpose.

The site also marks one of the first large scale usages of Spenser, a contemporary grotesque typeface designed by Bobby Tannam. Spenser is a strong accompaniment to the qualities of the IAC’s new online presence – full of personality, culture and history yet refined and modern in its approach.

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