Designed at Indigo & Cloth by George Beattie and James Delaney.

Web Developer: James Delaney

Interactive Commercial

Indigo & Cloth is a menswear store, graphic design studio and café based in Temple Bar. The Issue01 publication is an experimental in-house studio project. The impetus for the project was to rethink and redirect money spent on promoting the brand in and around Dublin. With Issue01, we sought to take matters into our own hands, as well as to offer insight into the goings on in the Essex Street building. Issue01 was how we chose to communicate with our peers, clients, friends and the public. The creation of the magazine afforded us an exciting opportunity to selectively curate fashion photography, industrial design, photojournalism and film into a small pocketable piece of print. is a digital representation & teaser feature which was launched prior to the launch of the magazine. The website hosts a digital version of the magazine which, on command, simulates a rapid flicking through of the pages of the magazine before cycling back through the pages and closing. The website was designed to allude to the imagery and content of the soon-to-be launched magazine, without revealing too much. The ‘About Page’ is revealed after the magazine cycle, giving a brief summary of the magazine’s ideation and ethos.

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