JUVI Identity (2015)

Designed at Together We Create by Kasia Ozmin.

Account Director: Marion Cody

Photographer: Matthew Thompson

Identity Commercial

JUVI designers Julie Danz and Vincent Tynan source gemstones from around the World to create jewellery collections in their Dublin studio. Vincent is a silversmith and Julie originally trained as an interior designer, working in New York under Carlton Varney, one of Americas most adventurous interior designers.

The partnership of Julie and Vincent is neatly visualised with the connecting ampersand in the J & V monogram, while the bold wordmark hints to precious metals and gems.

The JUVI identity displays a rich metallic brown, reflective bronze, smoky quartz and just a hint of soft coral. All colours inspired by the stones gathered from around the world.

The photography and art direction evoke the story of the JUVI brand. We see a woman who has travelled the World gathering gemstones and inspiration before returning to Ireland.

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