Kingstown Dry Gin

Kingstown Dry is an elegant corporate gift, created by Clickworks to showcase our craft and to celebrate the heritage of our Dún Laoghaire location.

Our gin was created to celebrate the inspired thinking that transformed Kingstown from a small coastal village to the elegant harbour-side town of today.

The Kingstown to Dublin railway in 1834, was Ireland’s first railway and its arrival created a fashionable suburb of Dublin. Elegant terraces followed and the town became a jewel box of Victorian architecture. The neo-classical, granite station building was erected by architect John Skipton Mulvany in 1854.

The label is a stylish reinterpretation of period inspiration with a light contemporary touch. It evokes the world of the railway, drawing inspiration from signage and travel posters. The typographic layout and serrated edge have echoes of early railway tickets. Rich details are combined with panels of storytelling. Marks of authenticity underscore the provenance of the product. The colours evokes the crisp, clean palate of the gin itself.

Details are subtly layered together to tell a multifaceted story. At the heart of the design is a lightly etched elevation of the station pavilion, which has been lovingly created from detailed study of this beautiful building.

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