Kino Cafe & Arts Centre

Designed at by Jonathan Leahy Maharaj.

: Fuzion Communications

Identity Commercial

Fuzion Communications were asked to create the brand identity for a landmark building in Cork, formerly a pool hall and most recently an art-house cinema (hence the name). The client initially wanted to use a Rory Gallagher based name for the venue, but its known as the Kino – so we chose to capitalise on that, plus, there’s a 40 feet high sign over the front door with KINO written on it.

Our brief was to create a brand that would be used on a wide range of materials, from the Café elements of cups, coffee and food stickers etc, to the array of Arts based events that they have in the pipeline, from yoga classes to techno nights, and poetry readings to experimental film showings.

We created a logo that is as multi-faced as the building’s potential uses, giving a total of 13 different colour combinations, that is totally inspired by and references the building’s architecture and that celebrates its unique offerings.

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