Knxwledge – Wraptaypes

2016 Selection

Designed at by Brian OTuama.

Illustration: GangsterDoodles

Print Commercial

We put together a bootleg compilation of rap remixes by prolific LA beatmaker Knxwledge, best known for his work with Anderson Paak and on Kendrick Lamar's 'To Pimp a Butterfly'.

26 tracks were selected for inclusion from the 144 he sent to us, each featuring a sample of a well known rap artist/group. To fly below the radar of various egomaniac's legal teams, we didn't name any of the sampled artists. Instead we enlisted the skills of Canadian illustrator Gangsterdoodles to draw each one to feature inside the gatefold/cassette insert.

The cover illustration was selected to encapsulate an era in rap music from which the sampled tracks were born, and the slow burning blunt on the 4 centre labels is a nod to Knxwledge's style of hazy soul/jazz based instrumental loops.

1000 copies were sold worldwide, with a super limited tape, t-shirt and poster release for the fan-boys.

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