Designed at distinctive repetition by Rossi McAuley.

Printer: Generation Press

Packaging Commercial

Two specific fiddles, two specific players, one specific outcome. The primary request when creating the design for Laghdús album cover was to produce something that could stand alone as a piece of art, where information takes second place to overall composition. The materials and methods used in the production of this piece juxtapose both a distinctive tactility and importantly a responsibility toward the environment in the way it was printed by our colleagues at Generation Press England.

The integral and unique relationship between Dan Trueman and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh that makes the album what it is ultimately provides the focus for its design. They talk using the 10 strings of their Hardanger d'Amore fiddles and the sounds created by the players seem to endlessly cross, expand, re-direct, contract and ultimately lessen. Laghdú is a conversation between friends, the cover is our attempt to visualise that conversation.

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