Let's Find Out

Designed at Mode Vision by David Phelan.

Assistant Illustrator: Sarah Maloney

Assistant 3D Modeller: Jack O'Flynn

Motion Commercial

The opening title sequence needed to set the stage for this new science entertainment series, set aboard the Curiosity spaceship with alien puppet Zoom and scientists Mark and Ciara.

"Here's the spaceship Curiosity. Here's the captain, she's called Zoom. Here are scientists, Mark and Ciara. Any Questions, they'll know what to do. Let's Find Out. Let's Find Out. All aboard the Curiosity, Let's Find Out."

The opening space shot hints at the fact that Zoom is not of this world. The Curiosity then quickly begins it's journey of discovery across the low poly landscape. The landscape is built to reflect the variety of places and features which the Curiosity and it's inquisitive young passengers visit throughout the series. The design of the spaceship needed to be reflective of it's interior (i.e. the studio set). The overall project included a collection of content graphics, such as power meters, data screens, a host of illustrations for the quiz, along with a logo based transition wipe and a series of Curiosity travel shots.

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