Let’s Go Disco – Cook Book

Designed at Red&Grey by Bob Gray.

Design: Keith McGuinness

Chef: Martijn Kajuiter

Writer: Alex Meehan

Photographer: Shane O’Neill

Printer: Booxs

Commercial Promotional

Let’s Go Disco is a call to arms regularly heard in the kitchens of The Cliff House Hotel. It’s also the title of the Michelin-star chef Martijn Kajuiter’s new book. The aim of the book was to illustrate why The Cliff House Hotel has been at the forefront of Irish gastronomy and why Kajuiter is widely considered to be amongst the most accomplished chefs working in Ireland.

Working over a twelve month period we helped create, form and edit the final book as a collection of 200 photographs, detailed instructions on how to create 36 dishes, as well as essays, interviews and an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the life of a high-intensity, high performance kitchen that Kajuiter calls home.

100 laser-etched brushed aluminium special edition copies of the book were produced for the official launch. The standard editions used a gold material cover with disco foil embossing and a silver disco bind. Let’s Go …

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