Listoke Gin - Packaging

Designed at BAMMEDIA by Bridget Kerrigan.

Printer: Labeltech

Glass Manufacturer: Pont europe

Brand & Packaging Designer: Bridget Kerrigan, Bammedia

Packaging Commercial

Listoke 1777 launched their inaugural Small Batch Irish Gin, a fruity gin inspired by the botanicals from the Edwardian gardens of Listoke House, in 2016. They launched with a minimal viable product, a plain unbranded glass bottle but with a beautiful brand and label. Having gained traction in the duty free and off license sectors, Listoke decided to invest in a custom branded bottle, which was launched in early 2018. As architects of the initial brand and bottle, we were excited to continue to work with Listoke on improving their revised packaging, which crucially needed to have more shelf impact in low lighting bar scenarios. The result was a bespoke glass bottle and beautifully finished label, with a reknewed emphasis on the logo marque and botanical owl.

With a predominant Irish & American clientele, the new packaging is tastefully and proudly Irish. Every shade of green was considered for the glass, until we settled on a decadent dark woody green which we felt was the right colour to portray the deep heritage of the Listoke brand. The square shouldered bottle is dominant and bold, with ridged columns that add depth and grip. The label sees our hand painted owl retirning front and centre into the packaging as a lead visual, swooping in with juniper berries dripping from its wings. The packaging is finished with a copper seal and trim, echoing the finery of the gin within.

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