LIT Prospectus

Designed at Piquant Media by Conor Buckley, Lucia Mullerova, Kevin King, and Victoria Brunetta.

Production Manager: Róisín Buckley

Photography: Daniel Potts

Print Civic

We designed the 2019/20 prospectus for Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT). We developed the “We are” identity for LIT’s undergraduate recruitment. In the prospectus, the identity is explored through a continuous line that runs through each spread. The line represents the student journey and relationship with LIT from supportive to provoking. The line changes form and takes on different qualities to reflect the specific offering within the prospectus.

We created a range of imagery showcasing students involved in practical workshops and hands-on creative and technical projects in the college. It was important to showcase the LIT learning ethos of blending theoretical learning with practical application. On the course pages, we developed a rigid grid structure to deliver content uniformly for easy searching and course comparison.

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