Mawla is a creative development studio based in Dublin. They specialise in the design and build of bespoke Android and iOS apps handling the entire lifecycle from concept to app store.

As experienced, expert developers they needed a new brand identity and website to help communicate their unique perspective and commitment to pushing boundaries, trying new things and constantly learning.

The new digital brand identity and online portfolio was developed out of the malleable, adaptable, creative material of the (distinctly Irish) phonetic namesake of the studio. A fun, colourful and playful approach to work and collaboration fuelled the project and permeated the entire online experience which stands as an engaging insight to the studio, the team, their work and ultimately their friendly, approachable and collaborative nature.

The final result is an eye-catching site that neatly balances a clean and crisp style while communicating the fun personality of the brand. It serves as both a showcase and lead generating & qualifying platform via a custom app quote builder feature.

Since launching, site traffic has increased by over 500% compared to the previous year and continues to promote the company by drawing global attention and accolades to the growing studio.