Modelworks Media

Designed at Design Factory by Conor Clarke and Sinéad Doyle.

UI/UX/Front End: Peter McDonagh

Senior Developer: David Knott

Interactive Commercial

Commercial Objectives

To broaden Modelworks client base and business opportunities. To signal strategic change within Modelworks to servicing a broader global market with high-end professional production and multimedia solutions to clients in architecture and the built environment.

Design Objectives

To create a vibrant, diverse and responsive multimedia experience for the viewer. To emphasize global activity. To project innovation and technical knowledge along with traditional model making skills and craft. To communicate the vibrant atmosphere of this leading creative studio.

Design Theme/Influences

The design was a response to the outcomes of brand design and user centred design workshops carried out with the client. We specifically avoided the style of traditional architects websites, seeking to create a unique look and feel.

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